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Oct 26, 2013 08:55 AM

Good non-stick fry pans

I probably should have written this years ago. Having recently purchased another non-stick Viking pan, I thought I'd post.

Over 10 years ago I purchased a 13" Viking non-stick pan. Over the years this pan has literally been through hell. Very high heats on a Miele induction cooktop, metal utensils, Miele oven use at Maxi Broil settings.

During the same period we purchased at least 8 other non-stick pans, cost between $100 and $150, Scan Pros, Swiss Diamond (total crap), Cuisinart and who knows what others. 2 years and throw away.

The Vikings, we now have 2 of them, are still perfect. I'm not sure what they are coated with but its quite different than other non-sticks. Its a very hard, thick coating. Brittle as we have a 1mm chip on the very top edge of one of them from being banged against another pan. Its quite thick. Not quite as non-stick as other pans but perfectly adequate for the most delicate of foods and cleans up easy. Actually easier to cook with as the bit of stick allows utensils to get underneath them as opposed to sliding the food around. Heavy, well made (in Belgium).

These pans are not inexpensive, however, compared to the amount of money we've wasted on other non-stick pans, they are dirt cheap.

I have absolutely no affiliation with Viking. In fact, based on my appliances experience with the brand I have no use for the company. However, these pans are excellent. If you're as sick and tired of replacing non-stick pans as I am, worth a serious look.

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  1. Good to know. Are yours the Professional or the V7?

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    1. re: mwhitmore

      Don't really know. They are these pans and described as "seven-layer Therm-alloy construction". Perhaps the latter means they are V7??

      1. re: Ray2

        Looks like. Professional claims only multi-ply. Also, the Viking website says V7 is discontinued. Probably doesn't matter if the non-stick layer is the same.

    2. Good non-stick: cast-iron and carbon steel, as well as stainless steel if you're not scrambling eggs.