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Brats Side Dish

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I'm doing Beer Brats on the grill today. What would be a good side dish? Any info would be greatly appreciated

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  1. With beer bratwurst, German potato salad is an excellent side dish.

    1. Sauerkraut.
      Warm Potato Salad with Onions, Dill and Oil and Vinegar.
      Cauliflower sauteed with bread crumbs.

        1. Sauerkraut is the traditional side but I don't care for it so I typically serve brats with homemade cole slaw. Also potato salad (German style without mayonnaise) or home fried potatoes

          1. Fried cabbage with bacon.

            1. Roasted Corn on the Cob
              Mashed Potatoes
              Grilled Cheese

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                Totally forgot about roasted COTC. Excellent advice. Another one too I thought of is baked beans. At least in the USA. I don't think one would find that as a pairing with bratwurst in Germany. ;-)

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                  probably wouldn't find the corn in Germany, either.

              2. fried or roasted potatoes

                1. Red cabbage sautéed with apples and bacon. Maybe a little cider to deglaze.

                  Cucumber salad with onions and cream.

                  1. I'm making a version of Russian salad today to go with (potatoes, peas, carrots, chopped pickles, sauteed sweet onion, mayo/sour cream, parsley). I plan to eat it warm. :)

                    1. A brat is, of course, just an especially fancy and tasty hot dog, so pretty much anything you'd serve at grillside is going to be fine.

                      That said, you asked this yesterday about "today." What did you end up serving and how was it?