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Oct 26, 2013 08:19 AM

Looking for a really good farm-to-table Thanksgiving dinner in Bay Area

Doesn't have to be relegated to San Francisco; we'll do Oakland or the Peninsula... possibly even wine country if there's strong recommendation for a worthy destination restaurant. It doesn't have to be the traditional turkey dinner, however I would like it to be harvest and autumnal focused.


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  1. How does Murray Circle fare?

    I've read so many conflicting reviews on CH, but it looks like such a lovely setting and would make for great ambience over Thanksgiving. Any thoughts on MC?

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    1. re: OliverB

      My impression is that when Murray Circle didn't really take off the investors cut its budget.

      It's a pretty serious holiday, only a few places are open that aren't hotel restaurants (hence Murray Circle) and corporate chains. Given the very limited choices, you might as well look at the ongoing topic:

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        Thanks Robert, I'll continue in that thread!

    2. Oliver, I just searched on open table, and there are a TON of restaurants doing prix fixe meals, you could browse there if you want :)

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        There are a lot of corporate chain places and mediocre hotel restaurants on there, but a few gems. Sir and Star would definitely fit the request.

        1. Healdsburg, Mateo Granado's Cocina Latina. turkeys were originally domesticated in Mesoamerica and he has a Yucatan version for one option on the fixed price ($55.) feast. he maintains great connections to the local farms and fishing boats year 'round, if you haven't been there before.