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Oct 26, 2013 06:45 AM

Spanish vermouth / aperitif / digestif

I'm off to Marbella this week and keen to hear from anyone with experience of Spanish versions of the above that are a match for their more popular Italian and French cousins - for gin and bourbon based cocktails.

Also, has anyone had Licor 43 with suggestions for simple cocktails.

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  1. I like Licor 43. It's a nice liqueur with mild herb, spice, and vanilla notes. Good to use to bring some sweetness to a drink. I pulled these from my files. And a link to an old thread.

    2 oz. Gin
    ½ oz. Licor 43
    ½ oz. Lillet Blonde (you can substitute dry or even sweet vermouth for a slight twist)
    2 dashes Peychaud’s Bitters

    Stir with ice and strain into chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a lemon twist.

    Otto’s Grotto – created by Beachbum Berry, 2002
    1 ½ oz. light Virgin Islands rum
    ¾ oz. Licor 43
    ¾ oz. coffee liqueur
    4 oz. Chilled coffee
    ¼ oz. cream

    Shake on ice and pour into a tall glass.

    The Best Year – created by V. Bobby Batugo, Tip’s, 1975
    2 ¼ oz. vodka
    ¾ oz. Licor 43
    ¾ oz. blue Curacao
    3 oz. pineapple juice
    ¼ oz. lime cordial
    1 cup crushed ice

    Blend for 30 seconds and pour into tulip glass. Add crushed ice to fill. Garnish with cherry speared to pineapple wedge, and mint sprig.

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      Thanks JMF

      I think the Bloomsbury is more my kind of drink. Any suggestion on the gin style that works with the Licor 43?