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Oct 26, 2013 04:51 AM

Miami 5-Hour Layover

Next Saturday afternoon. Any fantastic food within cab or rental car range?

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  1. Hello pika,
    I would do:
    Michaels Genuine
    Cypress Room (have not been but have heard many great things about lunch there, particularly their burger).

    There are tons of other options but without more specific info, I gave you what is close to you and a nice place with easy parking options if you are taking a rental.

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    1. re: tpigeon

      Thank you so much! Michael's Genuine looks like my kind of place.

      1. re: tpigeon

        **The Cypress Room isn't open for lunch in Sat.

      2. Michael's Genuine is a great restaurant. You will enjoy it.

        1. Stone crab season just opened! October 15!!!

          1. Michael's Genuine is great and is also fairly easy access to/from the airport. Keep in mind their Saturday lunch hours are 11:30am-3pm, then open for dinner 5:30, so make sure that works with your schedule.

            If you want something a bit closer I'd also suggest:
            - La Camaronera - very casual, great fried fish & shrimp sandwiches on Flagler St.
            - El Mago de las Fritas - also very casual, great fritas (a Cuban style hamburger spiced with lots of paprika (sometimes with chorizo in the meat blend) and topped with crispy potato sticks).

            Also, in Coral Gables:
            - Bread & Butter - sort of modernized Cuban place, I've had some very good lunches there lately.
            - Bulla - Spanish tapas, also some good sandwich specials during lunch
            - Swine - the burger is outstanding. The rest of the menu not quite at the same level but still some good stuff.

            Several other options in the Gables depending on what you're interested in.

            Cypress Room is very nice but it can be a leisurely meal and you may be pressed for time depending on how much time you actually have for lunch with your layover.