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Oct 26, 2013 01:01 AM

Stains/discolouring in Staub cocotte?

I have a rather large Staub cocotte with the black enamel interior, and I've had it for about half a year now. However, one thing I have been noticing is that its been getting very discoloured and/or stained inside. These stains have a rainbow sheen to them like oil, and some are white (the white ones are mainly on the sides, the rainbow ones are on the bottom) They disappear when I apply a thin later of oil to the enamel. The tap water where I live is not very hard at all.

Does anyone know if this is normal? Has anyone experienced this before? I emailed Staub and they told me to bring the cocotte to their closest sales point to have it checked, but it is big and heavy, and I'd rather not have to do that unless I know its not normal.

I will add photos soon if I can get any that actually show the stains properly.

I have a very small cocotte as well which I use more often, and this has similar stains, but to a much lesser degree (and the enamel texture is different in the small one, which is black all over including the outside and the interior is a bit more textured, unlike the big one which is graphite grey on the outside and smoother on the inside).

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  1. I sell Staub cookware. It is not uncommon. Nothing is wrong with your pot. Sometimes those rainbows and white spots appear if cooked at too a high heat. remember med. to high heat, mild soapy water and dry thoroughly. Oh yea, have fun cooking it is a pan (albeit costly)and not a museum piece. It won't be shiny forever.

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      I own a Staub and get white stains sometimes, possibly due to our hard water. Either a spritz in the pan with a half/ white vinegar/ half water mixture and soak for a few minutes or a simmer for a few minutes with the 50/50 mix takes the white spots out of mine. Or cook up a batch of something acidic like spare ribs and sauerkraut. Good luck.

    2. There are other posts on this site with same general topic you might want to search out. As noted by blueways, this seems to be normal, especially if the pan is used on very high heat.

      If, like my mother, you put the pan on maximum heat to warm it up and then lower the heat to cook, that would explain what you are seeing.

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        I always preheat the pan on low-medium heat and never go above medium when using it. I did try searching but didn't find anything for some reason.

      2. Have several Staub cocottes and the white spotting comes and goes, depending on what was cooked in it last. I haven't paid enough attention to know what foods generate the white stains. I don't recall seeing the rainbow look, but I would guess it's not perminent either.

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          A bit of a follow-up if you will. Mrs mikie cooked a pot roast in it on Sunday and I was on clean up duty. I don't know how it looked prior to the roast, but after clean up there was the white ghosting in the bottom of the pot. I poured in just enough vinigar to cover the bottom and let it sit overnight. Washed it again this morning and all the stain is gone. It once again looks like new. I'm guessing that when acidic foods are cooked the white spots are removed and when non acidic foods are cooked they reapear.

        2. Update: I boiled some water with a load of baking soda (3 heaped tsp) and washed with detergent, and the stains are gone, white, brown and rainbow!