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Oct 26, 2013 12:20 AM

Am I the only one who hates pumpkin but loves the holidays?

Now that the holidays are approaching, Chow is alive with holiday discussions...namely, pumpkin things. I HATE pumpkin. Okay, I guess an all caps HATE is pretty strong....I DISLIKE pumpkin. I feel the same about most sweet potato things, too. Don't even think about trying to serve me that yam/marshmallow cassarole at Thanksgiving. But I love most everything else at holiday time...Stuffing, gravy, turkey, stuffing, duck, cranberries, stuffing, apple pie...What are your most hated/most loved dishes of the holiday season?

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  1. Fortunately, there's plenty of choice at any holiday gathering.

    I skip the Rum Balls (any other cookie is fine), any stuffing that includes meat, especially my best friend's family-tradition one that features ground beef (I get my favorite bread-almond stuffing "fix" a day after), and my own Mom's traditional Christmas Eve oyster stew (she also makes great chili, for the rest of us).

    Regarding your title question - Yes, you are the only one - everybody loves pumpkin. What's wrong with you? (just joking)

    1. The I hate pumpkin threads have been up this season. I guess their sheer abundance contributed to that. But, like MidTT suggests the choices both traditional and wild for enjoying your holiday feast are endless. Unless you're aiming to please the most difficult guests at your gathering this year, it's pretty hard to imagine not having plenty of choices.

      Bread & chestnut stuffing, bowls of gravy, a 15 lb turkey, cranberry sauce, 4 pies, ,mashed potatoes, 4 veggies and homemade ice cream make up our main dinner on Thanksgiving...but its the leftovers for Thanksgiving dinner sandwiches that we really enjoy!

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        Dinner sounds great, and completely agree about the next-day sandwiches. Out of curiousity, what are your four veg dishes?

        1. re: monfrancisco

          walnut brussel sprouts (I add walnuts the last 10 minutes while pan roasting the b.s. and finish w/a walnut oil drizzle)
          maple carrots ( I soak baby carrots in maple syrup for 4 hours and then roast fast & hot in the oven)
          mashed garlic potatoes (I add whipped cream cheese to the mash instead of butter or cream and roasted garlic cloves)
          a tossed green salad with lemon dressing
          sesame green beans

          I added the mashed potatoes, so it's five total.

          1. re: HillJ

            Some of my thanks this year will be headed your way! Appreciate it.

            1. re: monfrancisco

              My pleasure! I look forward to reading all about your holiday meal plans!

      2. Pumpkin is meh! Can eat, but we never do. ~~ Turkey if it's smoked is OK. Double Smoked Ham is a favorite, as is Smoked Duck and Andouille Gumbo with a few fresh oysters thrown in at the very last minute. Oysters in general. Generations old recipe for Cornbread dressing is a must. Pecan pie is a must as one of the desserts. Sweet potatoes in some form will always be there. I can personally take or leave cranberries, others require it.

        1. I like pumpkin pie,but I really can't stand all this fake pumpkin flavored crap that is everywhere now; pumpkin coffee, pumpkin yogurt, pumpkin everything, yuck.

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          1. re: Kat

            Pumpkin coffee sounds unbelievably disgusting.

            1. re: Kat

              I tried pumpkin Pop-Tarts and they were inedible.

            2. File under "hate":: Creamed onions. Nice roasted ones with vinegar and s&p, on the other hand, may I have some more?