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Oct 25, 2013 07:30 PM

Cologne in Late November

I'll be in Cologne for about 5 nights in late November. Any suggestions for (1) authentic German/Rheinland cuisine; (2) brauhauses or (3) eclectic/international cuisine? Interested in a variety of price ranges and any part of the city (though I will be staying around Heumarkt).

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Head down to the Altstadt and eat at one of the breweries that produces Koelsch, the lovely top-fermented brew that can legally be produced only within the city limits.

    Fruh -- touristy, but decent wursts

    Sion - a brewery has been on that location since the early 15th century. Solid stick-to-your-ribs fare in a very traditional beer hall setting.

    Peters -- cozy dark wood and plaster -- easily the best schweinhaxe (roasted pork knuckle) in the city -- they ALL serve good schweinhaxe, but Peters' is golden and crispy.

    Gulden - overlooks the river, somewhat more upscale food -- also has really excellent schweinhaxe (a very common local dish)

    Don't know if it's still there or not, but there used to be a truly kickass Thai place right on the Heumarkt.

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      Thanks for all of these great suggestions! I'll let you know where I end up.

    2. Glad to see this posted, as my wife and I are swinging through en route from Amsterdam to Frankfurt ... specifically for a reservation at Vendome.

      It's a 3 star, and - for whatever this is worth - a top 10 rated restaurant in the world by San Pellegrino.

      But that's lunch, so nice to see a dinner and lunch options for the next day.

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        Did you end up making it to Vendome for lunch? We may be too late to get a reservation, but will be in Cologne later this month and just came across this as an option for a splurgy lunch. Would love to hear your thoughts.