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Oct 25, 2013 06:05 PM

Used Pizza

Am I the only one who, from time to time, orders a regular neopolitan pie to go, arrives at the pizza place in ten minutes and is given a pizza which was cold, old looking, obviously sitting in the pizzeria for a while and obviously intended for another party who never picked it up. Is this an accepted and/or prevalent practice in pizzerias? Are workers instructed to do this? And,,,,,,how do such pizzerias stay in business? And....finally have any of you confronted the pizzeria owners and/or workers about this practice instead of just not going there anymore?

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  1. I always look inside the box and if it looks like it's been sitting around all night, I say "I'd like a new one, please. " They always do it.

    1. Great title. "Used Pizza". It's been sitting around forever and is old.It's also used. I wouldn't go back.

      1. I've never had that happen. Ever. And why wouldn't one speak up immediately if there's any problem?

        1. The only times I've seen this is in places that also sell slices. When the pie on the shelf is getting old and slices are not moving they may throw it in the oven to refresh and try to palm it off on a takeout order.
          Knowing this from my college days, 40+ years ago, working in a pizza joint I never would order a mozzarella pie to go from a place that sells slices......................

          1. No. It would be pretty obvious, if the bottom of the box wasn't hot, no? Sometimes when I arrive to pick up my order, if it is near closing time, they will ask if in addition I would like an orphaned pizza or leftover slices at half price. If I have room in the freezer, it's "carpe deep-dish"! (They're thin-crust; I couldn't resist the pun.)