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Oct 25, 2013 04:29 PM

Good restaurants in Tempe?

Not student places but not really high end either.

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  1. House of Tricks
    Casey Moore's Oyster House..upstairs is haunted..saw it with my own eyes!
    Four Peaks Brewery
    Chuck Box
    Haji love love this place for lunch and the market for spices and Middle Eastern goodies is fab.
    Z Tejas
    The Buttes used to have a good happy hour..
    Cornish Pasty Shop

    I live in San Diego but have BF's that live in Tempe and we've been going to Tempe area for over 25+ years/4 times a year..hopefully, local AZ will chime in.

    1. * Lalibela at Hardy & University (Ethiopian: good doro wat, yekik alicha, & tikil gomen). Essence Bakery is in the same shopping center... good desserts and breakfast.

      * Henry's Taiwan at Mill & Southern (walking distance from Yucca Tap Room, where you can see good live music w/ no cover. Yucca also serves food late... try their Bacon Waffler and Chile Relleno sandwich. It sounds ridiculous, but it's actually pretty good.)

      * Miu's Cuisine at Apache & the 101 is good for Szechuan food.

      * Tasty Kabob at Apache & Dorsey for Persian food... my favorites are the koobideh kabob and zereshk rice.

      * Curry Corner, just up the road from Tasty Kabob on Apache... serves good and cheap Pakistani food, my favorite being the goat haleem.

      * Udupi on Scottsdale Rd... it's been a while, but I remember the Mysore masala dosa was pretty good