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Oct 25, 2013 02:02 PM

Help! Cookie emergency, salvageable as something else?

Help me. I was making cookies and I meant to put in 1/2 a cup oil and half a cup applesauce. I don't have enough of everything else to double the batch. Is there any way I can turn this wet mess into a cake?

This is the recipe but I was doubling it and replacing half the oil with applesauce and half the flour with whole wheat flour. I haven't added the chips yet.

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  1. I would try baking it in a loaf pan or maybe a 9x13 and see what you get. It might make a decent sheet cake?

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      Thanks. At the moment the batter is just sitting here waiting. I will see if anyone else chimes and and go with this if not. Any recommendations on time/temp for baking this?

      I am not a baker and even though this is one of my favorite/foolproof recipes, I am apparently more foolish than a fool.

    2. Do you have any oats in the house? I'm wondering if you could salvage cookie-ness by adding a 1/2 cup or a cup of rolled oats?

      1. Not clear to me what you did incorrectly - did you add both the 1/2 C. oil AND the 1/2 C. applesauce, rather than 1/4 C. of each? If so, you could probably bake this as a bar-cookie in a jelly roll pan.

        What ingredients do you still have available to you / which are you short of? For example, If the only thing you're short on is the pumpkin for creating a double batch, you can use shedded carrots as a stir-in. If you're short on chips, the cookies would just be fine with a smaller amount.

        Stuff like this happens - don't be so hard on yourself. A friend & I once baked an almond pound cake with twice the butter called for by the recipe -- we were cutting a 2-cake recipe in half and messed up on that calculation. It took extra time to bake, but it was an amazingly tasty dessert.

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          I was already doubling the recipe so I was trying to do 1/2 a cup oil and half applesauce but I did 1 cup of each.

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            So you don't have any more flour or eggs?

            If you have oats in the house, turn a cup of them into flour with a food processor and add another 1/2 teaspoon baking soda and bake in a 9X13. If you do have another egg, add that too.

            1. re: melpy

              Bake at 350

              Use a toothpick to check for doneness starting around 50-55 min.

          2. Ok, it is in the oven. I added almost a cup of flour more because I had that. I have baked it for almost an hour or so at 325. It is almost done and looks like a cake.

            Haven't tasted it yet but with all the "science" behind baking and the stress over being "precise" doesn't seem to matter too much because it looks like a cake.

            I will post a picture with the final verdict.

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              I would've baked at 350 which is somewhat a standard cake baking temperature. What's done is done. I hope it turns out.

            2. Turned out great! Super moist, probably from the pumpkin, applesauce and oil and limited flour. Thanks for all the help!