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Oct 25, 2013 12:42 PM

PSU Farmers Market and Court House

Going up to to Portland from LA next week to se my daughter, she and her boyfriend were recently discharged from the Navy. I have been reading about Portland restaurants and here is what I need.
1. I am a Farmers market fiend so where do we start to get some breakfast and how to manuver, what spots/vendors should I not miss. Also where to park.
2. They are getting married at the courthouse on Friday, is there somewhere to walk for a celebratory lunch, have cars but nicer to walk right after.

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  1. There are many courthouses. Which one?
    There have been many recent reports/reviews of Portland Farmers Market at PSU. Take ten minutes, read a few, then return with some questions. Help us to help you.
    Taste? Budget? Dietary restrictions?

    1. I am a visitor to Portland and a farmers' market addict too. I set aside between 45 mins and an hour to "do" the PSU one in terms of eyeing the stalls, sampling and buying. Add on some time to stand in line for Pine State Biscuits (anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour if you're unlucky) or just walk right up to Lauretta Jean's and get a better biscuit :-). Their hand pies are also worthy.

      There's a stand call Nut-tricious that has great nut butter blends. Some are pre-sweetened with agave syrup, some not. All I've tried are delicious but they have samples.

      Alma Chocolates is there too and they have lovely product. Their caramel sauces are also delicious.

      Viridian Farms makes me happy. I think they supply a lot of the restos in Portland. Once we ate their padrones at a restaurant on Friday night and stopped by the market for a visit the next day, and there they were, pan frying up a storm!

      Pearl Bakery does some lovely baguettes, which would go well with a local cheese from any one of several dairies there. Or check out Fressen for their Bavarian croissant. Worth the carbs.

      You've probably already checked out their website -- useful for a list of vendors and map, though it is relatively small and easy to traverse.

      Haven't found a really great coffee at the market yet so maybe stop at Courier or somewhere on your way.

      Parking is on street, cheap and easy, especially if you go early. Just bring some quarters.

      1. The Multnomah County Courthouse is in kind of a dead-zone for restaurants, so your best bet would be to walk up to Broadway and go to either HIggins or the Heathman, depending on your taste. Be sure to make reservations though.

        1. The Buenos Dias Breakfast from Verde Cocina. Big, honkin' pieces of shimmering bacon.

          Finish that off with a chocolate croissant from Gabriel's Bakery.

          Both of these vendors are near the music stage, where you can usually enjoy some finger-snappin' local musicians. Ah, the good ol' days when Shicky Gnarowitz used to play the PSU market...

          I really shouldn't tell you this, but... park on the west side of PSU. There are usually spots along 12th or 13th, between Market and Montgomery. This'll be our little secret, okay?

          And don't forget to bring me a bean & cheese burrito and a carne asada taco from Yuca's Hut! Otherwise, don't show your face.