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Oct 25, 2013 10:18 AM

What's the word on Salt & Time in East Austin?

I've had friends say it's good but the staff there is too cool for school and the service is pretty bad.

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  1. I've been multiple times both to shop for provisions and to eat and have never had anything but great service and food. The charcuterie plate, if you're dining in, is insanely large and delicious.

    1. I thought the food was good, and the guy manning the lunch counter was reserved but attentive. I had the Roast Beast (beef) on ciabatta bread and it was really tasty. I took a loaf of the bread home.

      This might be sacrilege, but I did not like the espresso I got from the Cuvee coffee person. It was the saltiest espresso I've ever tasted, which is probably from the beans they use or how she makes them.

      1. I went with a group of 8 for lunch, we all were happy, just wished there were more options. It should be noted the charcuterie plate isn't available for lunch. Still, they were very accommodating, I will go back.