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Oct 25, 2013 10:15 AM

Dollar Store Bulbs for Fall Planting

Have any of you 'hounds (especially in MA/NH) spotted small bags of bulbs at Dollar Tree stores? A couple of years ago, I saw them and did a what-the-heck "splurge" on five bags: daffodils, tulips, crocuses, hyacinth and grape hyacinth--one of every variety they had. Now, mind you, these were not big bags of bulbs for a buck...but they bloomed and have stayed well.

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  1. NoCal resident here. Last year the spousal unit got a bunch of packets of bulbs at our local Grocery Outlet; I think they were $2.50 a box. I planted them and they *all* came up last spring. I'm hoping they have them again this fall!

    1. I get them at the 99 Cents Only stores every season. They come up every year. The drumstick allium I planted a few years ago are multiplying quickly. The iris bulbs were much smaller than the big box stores so I included a little extra bulb food in that bed when planting and each year they come up larger and in higher numbers. The ranunculus have also done well for me. Tulips, crocus and hyacinth are sold in my local stores but all all wrong for my zone, unfortunately for me.

      1. Oh nice to hear others have found them. I'll do some hunting this weekend. Would love to find allium if I could, but really at those prices, anything will be okay for me. Thx!