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Oct 25, 2013 09:59 AM

Damnation Alley Distillery Opens in Belmont, MA

Holey cow these micro-distilleries are popping up like boozers at a free scotch tasting...

The formerly booze-free (blue law) town of Belmont, MA now has it's own micro-distillery.


I scored a bottle of their unaged barley whiskey made from MA grown barley.

Pretty amazing to be able to source MA grown grain at all (though I imagine it would be easier with corn) in sufficient quantities, though their stills are admittedly small.

They also make a vodka.

Tasting notes:
The whiskey has some of the usual nice vegetal, grassy, fruity notes that I like in an unaged whiskey. It is very smooth and fruitier than most of the others I've had. I drank it neat, and I think it is so delicate and smooth that neat really is the way to go. At $40 per 750ml it's less than say Tuthilltown unaged corn whiskey, but not an every day tipple.

They will face the usual challenge of starting a distillery which is the fact that the "good stuff" has to barrel age for 5-10 years. I would love to see some eau de vie, apple jack, etc which do not require aging. Problem is the market for those things is much smaller.

I think they are only selling at the distillery for now. Give it a whirl if you are in the neighborhood.

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  1. The seem to qualify as a nano-distillery. But they say they only make a dozen bottles a week? I saw pics of their stills and they are using three tiny hobbyist stills, that look to have a ten gallon capacity each, on electric burners. But they are making more than a dozen bottles a week. Each still can probably make 1-2 gallons per run, and two runs each a day. So make it more like one to two dozen bottles a day.

    Actually there is lots of MA grown grain. There is even an artisanal malting house in MA, doing custom malting. And a great job of it too. I went and visited the folks there to see about them malting some of the grain grown at the NY farm distillery I used to be involved with.

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      Way cool on the MA grains and malting...

      I think they said the still were 50 gallons each, but don't quote me on that.

      1. re: StriperGuy

        Not according to the few photos available on the internet.