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Oct 25, 2013 09:57 AM

Fine Food near Marriott downtown

Can you recommend a fine food dinner in quiet restaurant (my dinner companion, my father, is hard of hearing) within walking or short taxi distance from downtown Marriott? Previous threads recommended a Greek restaurant but that's not my mood. Also not interested in Capitol Grille and that ilk. Small plate not my druthers either. Thanks for helping me since i'm sounding so picky!

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  1. Just about anything is a short taxi ride (well all of Rittenhouse and Old City) from the Marriott downtown and there are a lot of places that would fit the bill depending on what type of cuisine you want (you may want to mention what you do want...). Are you thinking places like Lacroix or the Fountain?

    If you want to walk, Pennsylvania 6 is a block or so away and is pretty good from what I hear. And there are a lot of other options within walking distance. Just tell us what type of food!

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      Lacroix is great. I love a great but expensive 4 star once in awhile if its really worthwhile. I am fine with 3 star of course. I live in LA and travel to NY and London, Tokyo often which is only to say....well you know what it can say without being obnoxious about it. By the way I went to Penn so Philly is quite dear to my heart and I can't wait to come back for this visit in a few weeks!

      1. re: dpe

        But what kind of "fine food" are you looking for? Like Matyson or Talulah's Garden?

        1. re: bluehensfan

          Matyson seems more along the lines. I'd prefer a restaurant that is not mostly banquet seating so my father and i can have more privacy but that is not essential

          1. re: dpe

            the problem in philly is there aren't a lot of restaurants with food like matyson/price like matyson and ambiance like vetri/fountain/lacroix. you sort of have to pick...

            1. re: alex1018

              I'll pay for ambiance in this case.

              1. re: dpe

                then i say vetri, and to request the round table in the corner closest to the kitchen (don't worry, you can't really hear the kitchen.)

                1. re: alex1018

                  great! thank you or molto grazi

      2. re: bluehensfan

        Just so you are aware, if you book The Fountain through this website and can dine on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, you receive 30% off of the bill.

        It doesn't seem like the price of the restaurant is really an issue for you, but it's always nice to save.

        1. re: Philly Ray

          I am rethinking the reservation I made at Vetri now that I hear it may be too noisy. Given the choices I want to revise my request for help. What is essential, besides excellent food, is the room/ambiance. I want my dad to be able to hear our conversation so the room should not be too loud and the tables should be separated. As for Lacroix and Four Seasons, price is not the problem but the rooms are too fancy for this occasion.

          1. re: dpe

            vetri isn't noisy at all. vetri has, by recollection, 25 seats. It's definitely one of the quietest restaurants in philly.

            1. re: dpe

              I'm surprised no one has mentioned Vetri's exact prices yet: it's $155 per person, no tax, tip, or wine included. I know you said money isn't a problem but on my last trip to Vetri I was totally unimpressed with the food and the service, I wouldn't recommend it for half that price. And while it's not loud, I wouldn't say it's particularly quiet either. And the tables are pretty close together, even the corner one.

              One option I might consider if I were you is R2L, the restaurant on one of the upper floors of Liberty Place. It doesn't get recommended here very often because for quite a while after it first opened it frankly wasn't so great, but I gave it another try earlier this year and the food was very good. The main reason I'm suggesting it, though, isn't the food, it's the room: I don't know of any place in Philly that has fewer tables in as big a space, they are really spread out and it's quiet. Also it's on the 37th floor with windows on 2 sides, so the views are fantastic. If you reserve far enough in advance you can reserve a window seat, which will of course be quieter than one in the middle of the dining room.

              1. re: dpe

                Vetri's food and service are fantastic, and it's very quiet (if you go early, it's liable to be almost empty), with well spaced tables.

                However, it has set tasting menu composed of many small plates.

                1. re: PhillyBestBYOB

                  I don't think vetri is loud either. And though you can quibble about it being worth the price, it is a memorable experience all around.

              2. re: Philly Ray

                Thanks for the tip, PhillyRay. A sage suggested "Simple fact, the best time to save money is when you have some"

            2. This is hard!

              But I think Vetri may fit the bill. It's the most expensive restaurant in the city (indeed, maybe not worth it), but what you overpay for food (which I think is really good, but not as good as top places in nyc/la/certainly tokyo), you will get back in ambiance and service. And i think you'll have a wonderful time.

              1. Warning - Matyson is noisy.

                The Four Seasons has comfortable seats with ample space between tables and a good menu - not small plates.
                We have been there with people of assorted ages and it has worked out very well.

                LaCroix is lovely but might be too "edgy." Check the menu.

                Vetri only has prix-fixe these days, and can be a bit rich; depends on your father's taste.

                Noise is definitely a problem these days!