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Oct 25, 2013 09:51 AM

has anyone been to Bon Ton (Kits) lately?

i remember it on Granville (near Orpheum) - has anyone been lately to Kits?

Maybe Thomas Haas is better?

maybe there is a diff betw/ walk-in and buy vs pre-order a wedding cake (other special occasion cake), for example

what are your favourite items?

i read on Urban Spoon that service is ....

we were having a conversation about this recently - wondered what you thought - thank you.

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  1. Service is disappointing, at least from my experience. So much so that I stopped going there years ago.

    1. Yes service is often poor but the cakes are delicious I particularly like the Cheesecake made in an older not so sweet version.

      1. i was ALSO thinking while conversing (thinking AND talking about eating!) about Bon Ton ... back to the late 70's - of Moore's Bakery in Kerrisdale - it was on 41st - just west of the West Blvd (across from Hills Dept Store - now that's old times ... next to a somewhat hi end ladies clothing shop - the set-back mansard roof might still be there) - the best little petits fours and also our moms would buy vol-au-vent cases (in an hors d'ouvre size and also a main course size) for those 70's dinner parties.

        i know they made a little tart (about size of a butter tart) called something Scotch or .... there was the almond franzipan type tart, the butter tart no doubt, and something Scotch. I wonder what that was.

        that said - some of us still recall fondly the Woodward's strawberry tarts (seasonal) - not to mention their malted soft-serve type ice cream (that is somewhere else on this board, I think)

        1. About twice a year I'll get a couple of the little cakes in the store - the slightly salty buttercream is weird and addictive, but I don't think they are in the same league as Haas.

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            The Bon Ton still does the best butter cream icing I've come across. There are two cakes there that I order frequently for special occasions: The Diplomat and the non-alcoholic version of it (called something amusing like The Virgin; I always have to ask the name). Both are excellent. The ordering system is antiquated and persnickety but hold your nose and get one of these babies. They come in several sizes and if you order ahead you can get them personalized with marzipan and flowers at no charge.

          2. My family has been enjoying pastries from Bon Ton for years, since their Granville location. I remember going for pastries with my grandmother years ago.

            We still, on special occasions, get a diplomat cake and some of their pastries. They are always amazing. The Canadian Cheese is worth a drive across town. The butter cream is awesome and their pastries are perfect. Also, their butter buns are to die for. Around Christmas they make a very good panettone as well.

            Their service is atrocious and crusty. Its really bad.

            Also, they are not a 'cool and trendy' like the other bakeries around (Haas, Beaucoup. etc) so that surely stops many people from going or knowning about them.