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Oct 25, 2013 09:40 AM

Need recommendations, quick!

So, my dear wife has departed for the weekend, and as a result, I get to take the Chowpup to the Selena Gomez concert tomorrow night with tickets procured long ago.

My thoughts on where to go to eat beforehand:

-Varsity, in the hopes that I will keel over from a coronary before I get to Philips
-Biergarten, to dull my senses with German lager prior to the onslaught of the screaming
-somewhere with a multi-course prix fixe menu that will conveniently take too long to execute such that we miss the whole thing

What do you think? I'm open to creative suggestions that will help ease the pain without exposing myself to excessive pre-teen angst.

(Please take this in the tongue-fully-planted-in-cheek light it's intended. We'll probably run by Grindhouse, Bocado, or 5 Seasons on the way)

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  1. How about Real Chow Baby on Ponce, or another restaurant that failed inspection lately? A trip to the hospital might be preferrable to preteen mania...

    Okay, how about Neuvo Laredo to honor Selena's heritage?

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    1. re: jboeke

      I'm worried that trying somewhere with a low health score might not be fast-acting enough. Would hate to suffer the double whammy of making it to the show, then ending up suffering dinner's revenge late in the night. Good idea, though!