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Oct 25, 2013 08:14 AM

Favorite and least favorite halloween candy as a kid.

When I was kid, my favorite halloween candy was butterfingers because my mom hated Nestle and wouldn't let me have them at home. My least favorite was tootise rolls.

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  1. I can't really think of a favorite, but my least favorites were (and still are) candy corn, those little candy pumpkins that taste like candy corn, caramel creams and peanut chews.

    1. Fun thread!
      I was just reminiscing that in my childhood, all candy was "chocolate" candy. No sour this or that. Rare was the house that didn't give out chocolate.

      My favorite was the Reese's Peanut Butter cup....full size back then, none of this mini stuff. My least favorite of the chocolates was the Three Musketeers...way too sweet.

      My least favorite candy, though, was Sweet tarts. Not chocolate. Why bother?

      1. Most favorite: Chocolate cigarettes. Least favorite: Licorice pipes.

        1. Didn't really have a favorite (I liked most all candy), although miniature chocolate bars were rarities in the 70s, so they were highly prized.

          I hated getting peanuts in the shell (which I really enjoy today).
          I detested what we called "old lady candy" because there was an old lady (actually a witch) on the wrapper stirring a cauldron. Its a toffee candy still sold (in Canada anyway). Can't find a google picture of it, though.

          Also didn't care for apples. We had to throw them out as my mother was sure there were razor blades, or needles, or whatever in them.

          1. My favorite was easily Reese's Pieces, and my least favorite was anything else.