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Oct 25, 2013 07:36 AM

New Spin on the perennial Regional Italian question, maybe?

I'm looking for a short list of Manhattan restaurants devoted to specific Italian regional cuisines. I'm particularly interested in the cuisines of Piemonte, Milano/Lombardia, Emila, Abbruzzo, and Sardegna, but the region matters less to me than a menu-wide emphasis on the food of a particular area. What does NOT interest me is a pan-Italian place that happens to have good cappellacci, or a place that bills itself as Tuscan but serves only a couple of Tuscan specialties beside the usual pan-Italian repertoire. Make sense? My wife and I are looking for a complete regional experience, from antipasto through dolce. Apologies for bringing up a well-worn topic, but I'm having trouble wading through all of the archival material on this, much of which is now out of date. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Acqua at Peck Slip was doing prix-fixe menus based on various Italian regions...I do believe they have stopped for now but you could always call and ask.

    1. Osteria Morini's menu is inspired by Emiglia-Romagna.

      While not devoted to a specific Italian cuisine, Lincoln is currently offering dishes from Piemonte, as denoted by the flag emblem:

      1. Maialino - Roman
        Lupa - Roman
        Eolo - Sicily
        Paprika - Lombardia (although there are a few menu items that don't fit in, like Lobster Mac & Cheese)

        Lincoln always has a (monthly?) "theme" where there's at least one option per course from a specific region. Right now it's Piemonte and there are two antipasti, one primi, one secondi, one piccolo and one dolci. On the weekend brunch menu they're doing Le Marche, with two primi and one secondi.

        And if you're willing to go to Brooklyn:
        Convivium Osteria - Sardinian primarily, with crossover into Portuguese/Spanish, though there's a lot of overlap in those cuisines to begin with. A neighborhood gem.
        al di là - Northern Italian
        Vicolo - Campania
        Osteria il Paiolo - Piemonte

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          Al di La isn't just Northern Italian, but specifically Venetian.

          Manzo was pretty strictly Piedmontese when it opened, but now is less so.

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            Convivium Osteria is really good.
            Thanks for Eolo- I was looking for some good Sicilian food.

            1. re: foodwhisperer

              Eolo is Sicilian. Whether it's good can vary depending what you order. But it's been some time since I've been, at least two years. I remember a decent con sarde, though.

          2. Bacaro in the LES for Venetian cuisine