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Sad news - Boston Super Dog

From Twitter:

BOSTON SUPER DOG ‏@Americashotdog 48m Its a sad doggy day: The owner and chef of Boston Super Dog, Greg Gale, has passed away unexpectedly this morning.


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  1. What a shock. I was just there last Friday.

    1. Terrible news! He was a great guy.

      1. oh god! thak's awful!!! Condolences to his friends and family.

        1. Damn. Loved the dogs, loved the man.

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                A one of a kind person and place. He will be missed by many. Condolences to his family.

              2. So sad.... He wasn't that old either.

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                1. I've been out of town on a family emergency and just learned about this.

                  I had the great pleasure of getting to know Greg a bit through interviews and features I wrote about him over the past few years.

                  I just told my husband and he said, I'm glad we saw him recently and that he seem so happy. Greg enjoyed making food for people and he honored the history of the food he made.


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                    Penny, I always learn from and appreciate your posts. I am sorry to hear about Greg's death, but good to know that so many people appreciated him and his food. Condolences to all who knew him.


                  2. This is terrible. I just heard about this.

                    RIP Greg

                      1. Wow, that is unexpected. So sad to hear. He wasn't very old.