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Oct 25, 2013 06:09 AM

36 Hours in Savannah... starting tonight

I'm making my first trip to Savannah, arriving late-ish tonight and leaving on Sunday morning.

I have a work lunch on Saturday at Old Pink House, but otherwise, my time is open. Specifics: I'll be eating alone, I'm staying at the Marshall House and don't have a rental car but am fine with taking a cab or walking, and I don't want to eat Italian or French, or, really, anything I can get at home in NYC. I want to eat Southern.

I'm happy at low-end dives and just as happy at shmancy-ish spots where I can test the upper limit of my not-generous expense account. I'm fine having dinner at the bar of a restaurant. And I'm especially partial to shrimp and grits and biscuits.

What would you recommend for a late dinner on Friday, an early dinner on Saturday, breakfast on Saturday, and an early breakfast on Sunday, pre-airport?

Thanks for your guidance!

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  1. Old pink house does a version of shrimp and grits...while not traditional it is still very good.

    1. I like the shrimp and grits at the Soho Cafe.

      1. Best of luck tanno - where are you coming from?

        Clary's (on Abercorn) and Narobia's Grits & Gravy (on Habersham) for breakfasts.

        Mrs. Wilkes (on Jones), for other days; despite the tourists, it's still under family mgt. and is one of a kind. Just go.

        Southern food is a big tent. At restaurants Now its mostly generic 'southern' and P.D. has done none of us any good. If you want to read about Low Country food (which is traditional Charleston and Savannah cooking) check out blog and books by Damon Lee Fowler, Savannah food writer and resident. Shrimp-n-grits has been done to death by restaurants and there is so much more to our food.
        S & G is best as a home cooked meal. I seldom order it in a restaurant because it is so over-the-top. Most good Low Country dishes are rarely served anymore in any restaurants - just not fancy enough for the out-of-town tourist foodies.

        Look for 'red rice' or okra pilau on a menu, they are hardly ever seen....or rice/seafood pilau or Sea Island red field peas, or Sievy butter beans in summer. and so many more are hard to find.

        I was happy with biscuits and sausage gravy @ Clary's. And tho Mrs. Wilkes is more basic southern than Low Country, its mostly honest , plain cooking.

        Avoid lady/sons. please.

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          If you're still in Savannah at 11 am on Sunday go to Forsyth Park for the big Shalom Y'all food fest! Lot and lots of booths of every kind of favorite Jewish food you can think of. Get some goodies to eat on the plane :)

          1. re: cowgirlinthesand

            We thought the Greek festival last weekend was good, but after going to Forsyth Park today and eating the most delectable things (some I've never tried before) I would vote this the best ethnic fest in Savannah!
            I had sizzling lamb with humus and tomato salad, blintzes, chopped liver, potato pancakes (yum!!) and great beer. Sitting on our counter is a loaf of Hallah bread, corned beef and pastrami sandwiches, homemade pickles and bags of cookies and sweets.
            AND homemade dog biscuits!!
            All that and live music, dancing and the sunshine.
            So thank you for posting about the festival. You made our weekend!