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Best Copper Pan Brands in the World ?

Here (but this is only my personal opinion) the provisional list of the best copper pans that had in my hands.

4 - S.O.H
15 - FALK
23 - TAGUS

Brands that never have in my hand :

OTHER ????
Please add Brands that I don't know or I have forget.

I do not count the fantastic models that I had in my hands hands that were not stamped.

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  1. Hi, TJ:

    Wow, this is quite a list. I've been collecting quite awhile, and you have listed several marks with which I am completely ignorant. In fact, I am only familiar with ## 1-3, 5, 6, 9, and 15-23 in your top list.

    You may want to add:


    More later.


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    1. re: kaleokahu

      I have cited only the brands that I had in my hands in sufficient quantity to give a realistic opinion.

      My list is not finished because I just started to sort my files!

      In the brands you give, there is a lot I do not know!!
      Except Matfer / Bourgeat

      Friendships T.J.

      1. re: kaleokahu

        kaleo - i would like to gently disagree on one of your recommendations: i have an old waldow pan (as i think we have discussed in another thread...) and, by golly, that thing has got the WORST handle ever! it cuts into my hand it's so sharp on the edge! the pan itself is nicely designed, and i seriously considered retinning it but i would rather have it melted down, or at least have it retinned AND replace the handle.

        1. re: rmarisco

          Hi, rmarisco:

          Do you know the age of your Waldow? The reason I ask is that the later stuff was a lot thinner and cheaper. Waldow died a slow death after WW2. Their earlier stuff was better, especially the pieces made for commercial use. I have only a Waldow bain marie, and I agree with you--the handle is no great shakes.

          I added Waldow (and others) to the OP's list mostly just to have a bunch of marks listed on the same thread. There are so many!


          1. re: kaleokahu

            Hello, I do not know Waldow, do you have photos? Before deciding to make a repair, I think we should consider whether it would be better to buy another. Although recess taking into account all the elements. Rarity brand, collection or use, beauty of the object and of course if you are a collector you can also have a particular affection for this pan.

            I'm curious to see this handle which cuts the hand!

            I received this week some beautiful parts Dehillerin, Gaillard and Chomette Favor.

            At the end of this week I have to go to a monastery for a lot of copper is old. I do not know if I'll find interesting things, it will be a surprise for me! I only know that there is 350kg of copper!!

            Good day for all Copper Lovers ! TJ

            1. re: TJFRANCE

              Hi, TJ:

              Please look for a jambonier and pommes vapeur for me at the monastery!


              1. re: kaleokahu

                Ah sorry I sold boiled potato that I had in stock! For jambonnier I look but I do not really know what I will find at the moment! I have just one photo no complet.

                1. re: TJFRANCE

                  THAT's the pile that is waiting at the monastery???!!! That looks like a lot of fun to poke around in! BEST OF LUCK! let us know what you get!

              2. re: TJFRANCE

                hi TJ,
                the handle is just badly created: the top is very flat, the bottom is rounded to fit the cradle of your hand. The top and bottom meet in a very sharp edge! It is also very skinny, so the handle feels like it is too small to hold up the weight of the pan.

                I'm sure it was post WWII - my mother's copper collection is mostly from the 1960's-1970's i think. (I never bothered to ask her.. now i am curious about it myself)

        2. Hi TJ, Amazing list... I can only add Havard Villedieu of which I have one of, it is of good quality however it is no match for several of my others (esp Gaillard) of which you or kaleo have listed. My favorite stainless lined is def Bourgeat catering grade range with cast iron handles - they are well made and nice to use. Most of my best tin lined do not have markings and I will always wonder who made them!

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          1. re: nathan76

            Hello Nathan , yes I have not forgotten Havard Villedieu . I just have not sorted out all my files ! Havard has superb manufacturing will be part of the top of the leaderboard !

            I love Bourgeat . When we have a pan Bourgeat in hands on quickly understands what the word proffessional means ! I also love the shape of their products and handles!

            We talk about brands but there pans tinned high quality unmarked . Especially the old ones. At this time, why put a mark on a pot that is going to sell in the area of manufacturing? Everyone was using this type of pan and there was no interest to stamped.

            Even today, it is possible to receive new French pans from the factory , unmarked . Just ask the manufacturer , with or without brand. Those who do not want the brand "Made in France " are often proffessionnels who then put their inscriptions themselves on pans . This is even possible for small amounts , you see you might pans " Nathan !" Some stores do this , this is why for example if the store work from 1950 to 1955 by engraving the name of the store you can not find no traces of the brand today! But in truth , it is very often large known brands manufactured pans or craftsmen of high quality !

            Good day! T.J.

          2. Hi TJ,
            Thanks, and you mention about your "files" and I am intrigued as to how and why etc that you collect this info?? excuse me being nosey but it seems interesting!
            I enclose a pic of a 20cm s/s bourgeat next to one of my fav unmarked (except chefs or hotel initials "INT") tin lined 32cm 6kg slightly sloped sided saute pan with cast bronze or poss brass handle, I believe it to be English made due to its features but I may be wrong?? you may know something about this??
            One of my most used pans is a English leon jaeggi silver lined copper fry pan which even at a modest 1.75mm thick helps make the most amazing sourdough pancakes that do not stick, burn (my cast iron fry pan can not compare) or risk the melting of tin at higher temps - highly recommended tool.

            Would it not be great if others shared stories and or pics of their copper collections??


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            1. re: nathan76

              Hello Nathan,

              The large saucepan owns rivets placed in a way that I do not know . I doubt it is of French manufacture, but I 'm not sure . I think the handle is made of bronze . This is a superb piece !

              Watch these parts in pictures . That the models that I sold in the U.S. , silver plated and manufactured by SOH who was a goldsmith for the French Navy. The inscription " Le France " is, I think , in connection with the fabulous French cruise liner . A length of 36cm for 2.2mm thickness and a weight of 1861 grams. Very rare and beautiful object with a silver plated of beautiful quality and a really beautiful copper.

              When I speak of my files , it is because I sell copper pans and I keep all the information that I have sold or used. That's why I have a lot of files to sort !

              It's impossible to put here all photos of my items but It's good idea to put sometimes with little story !

              Bye T.J.

            2. Hi TJ,
              That is a very nice oval dish - good job I did not see this for sale! but I remember the white tiles that the pan is standing on - think was on ebay with another nice copper pan (gaillard?)
              Please tell me your ebay name so I can save you as a seller for the future!
              My e mail, nathansamueldavis@yahoo.com I am from UK (New Zealand based at present)

              1. Great list! I noticed that some of those brands are no longer made. For the brands that are still made, do you know if some of those brands are made by the same manufacturer? (and then they 'brand' it with their name?)

                thanks again for the list.

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                1. re: moneyguy

                  Hello! So many brands no longer exist. And there remain major brands no longer have workshop. Indeed, I think we can find perhaps not quite exactly the same production but certainly from the same source in today's leading brands.

                2. Hey, great list, have you ever heard of Lefevre Freres ? Has anyone for that matter?

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                  1. re: greyhound1117

                    Hello, I had 2 pans Lefevre Freres hands. They were not antique but still old. Cast iron handles and large copper rivets. Beautiful thick. It was the material of high quality. I think Villedieu. I do not have more information at the moment but the certainty is that it was a French fabrication. Cheers and good day!

                  2. Jos. Heinrichs (silver or nickel lined)
                    H. Pommier, Bruxelles (very heavy skillet)
                    Brooklyn Copper

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                    1. re: Damianc

                      Hello, I do not know Jos. Heinrichs but I am willing to receive information if you have it!

                      I already had some POMMIER in my hands, antique with dovetail and very good quality.

                      Bruxelles ? I had PETER BRUXELLES or PETER Brux , antique dovetail and very good quality.

                      Brooklyn Copper , I never had in my hands . I see on the site and I think the material is good , made by passionate .

                      This weekend I received pans Spring Switzerland , Inocuivre Belgium and especially Gaillard Paris !

                    2. @ TJFRANCE

                      Hey, if you ever find out anything more about Lefevre Freres let me know, I am very curious.

                      Thanks !

                        1. re: JulietteOz

                          Hello, yes I'm seller. But I'm not going to advertise in this topic. I do not know much about the Chow forum. I must take the time to watch and whether it is possible to present my products in my retailer modes expeditions and photos. But I do not know if it is allowed to use Chow for sale.

                          I sold hundreds of brass on an auction web site. I will not say here site. Currently I am preparing my own web site and I will also try another site selling more specialized.

                          Brief return to the list I had in recent months, many materials and I change my list based on what I saw.

                          Thus, H. POMMIER directly between the top of my list. The material that I have seen and the history of the Company make it one of the largest manufacturer I've seen!
                          I also had a lot of products DEHILLERIN varied and old, it also goes on my list!
                          The same for PETER BRUX. or PETER BRUSSELS
                          And finally, ENDERLIN, a French brand that I did not know, super massive production!

                          1 - JACQUOTOT
                          2 - GAILLARD
                          3 - H. POMMIER
                          4 - DEHILLERIN
                          5 - LEGRY
                          6 - PETER BRUX. PETER BRUXELLES
                          7 - S.O.H
                          8 - CHOMETTE FAVOR
                          9 - ENDERLIN
                          10 - M. MATILLON VILLEDIEU
                          11 - LE CUISINIER VILLEDIEU
                          12 - MAUVIEL
                          13 - COMPTOIR HOTELIER GERARDMER
                          14 - DOMPAIRE
                          15 - R. MIQUELARD
                          16 - CVD VILLEDIEU
                          17 - ML VILLEDIEU
                          18 - FALK
                          19 - BOURGEAT
                          20 - SPRING CULINOX
                          21 - FAUCOGNEY
                          22 - OUVRES DE VESOUL
                          23 - LECELLIER VILLEDIEU
                          24 - BAUMALU
                          25 - LAGOSTINA
                          26 - TAGUS

                          Brands that I never had in my hands or still not enough products to give a realistic opinion (I prefer to give notice when I had hands several products of the same brand and minimum as saucepans, sauté pans, jam pans, stock pots, frying pans, etc. and if possible in several age. I never give an opinion on having seen a single pot! Otherwise it would not be fair.) :

                          - Pierre Vergnes
                          - Duparquet
                          - De Buyer
                          - Lara
                          - Hammersmith
                          - Barth & Sons
                          - LEON JAEGGI & SONS
                          - GEORG JENSEN
                          - MAZZETTI
                          - BRAMHALL RANGE CO.
                          - SCAVULLO
                          - WALDOW
                          - JOSEPH HEINRICHS JOS. HEINRICHS
                          - MORA
                          - MATFER (I know Bourgeat alone, Bourgeat Matfer together but no stamped Matfer Alone on pans, I know exist)
                          - ELKINGTON
                          - GENERAL
                          - RUFFONI
                          - ODI
                          - Lefevre Freres
                          - Brooklyn Copper
                          - HAVARD VILLEDIEU
                          - M. DELALANDE VILLEDIEU

                          I reminds that I still enormously brands to return to my own list but I have not had time to do it! For those who have asked, I note all that I receive. Brands, dimensions, weight, thickness, etc...
                          and especially my opinion on products. I have a lot of files and highlight all this takes time! I hope to have one day!

                          Le temps pour vivre est comme l'épaisseur des casseroles en cuivre. Plus on avance, moins il en reste ! Vive les anciens cuivres et la magie qu'ils font naitre dans nos yeux !

                          For all Copper Lovers ! T. J.

                          1. re: TJFRANCE

                            All you had to say was that last sentence. Im pretty sure you're from Hayange, France lol.

                            1. re: GOJIRA

                              Dear TJ,

                              How ever will this end well for me? I live in Australia where these items just don't exist.

                              I need guidance to help me find the prefect copper jam pan. Is there a difference in cooking in a amooth versus hammered pan? I also have no idea as to what is a fair price for such an item. I do like the idea of using a preloved pan....

                              To find this forum and you.. To get so close? However will this end for me?


                              1. re: JulietteOz

                                Juliette, for good preserving pan, I recommend that you first know how much you want to do. For you alone, some pots? Family, friends, to have much reserve?

                                In the first case, choose a diameter between 30 and 33cm (between 11.7 "and 12.9"). The weight should be between 2kg and 3kg (between 4.4Lbs and 6.6Lbs) or more.

                                In the second case, choose a diameter of 38 to 44cm (between 14.9 "and 17.2"). The weight should be between 3kg and 5kg (between 6.6Lbs and 11Lbs) or more.

                                Voila, you ask for a good preserving pan and I tell you for a bowl that will last a lifetime and more!

                                Now we just make good jam in bowls worse!

                                On the hammered or not, some prefer to aesthetics, others because it fits less, others because there

                                is less heat deformation and many other reasons. For this I suggest you see in this forum, there is

                                probably good jams specialists who will give you their experiences!

                                1. re: JulietteOz

                                  I have 4 Spring Culinox 11.5" pans that I'm selling. They are NEW and circa 1992 (GL 92). They have been in storage. 2 are Saute and 2 are fish/flambe. 3 still have the Spring tag attached. I've just today listed one of the Saute pans on Ebay for auction.They are being offered internationally.

                                  One was used twice (I was a Culinary Arts Instructor) before I put it away because it wasn't practical for teaching. 3 have tags and were NEVER used.
                                  They are all stamped on the bottom with the GL 92 and the Deer insignia.

                                2. re: GOJIRA

                                  Hummmm...... I 'm pretty sure you're right !

                                  1. re: TJFRANCE

                                    Dear TJ,

                                    I mostly make batches of Jelly, usually 4L of liquid per time then with adding sugar it ends up quite a volume. To allow for the bubbling I now use a 20L stainless steel pot. As I have been winning ribbons for my jams & jellies - they will get better in copper yes?

                                    For the larger of the pans you mention, what would be a fair price estimate?

                                    I am hopeful of owning some copper at a reasonable price.

                                    A Copper Convert!!

                                    1. re: JulietteOz

                                      Hello, for 20L you'll need at least a 44cm pan. In France you will find for 150-200 euro a new one. I do not know how much it costs in other countries. But one thing is certain, though often it is not the same quality as the old basins. It is a broad debate whether one should buy a less robust new or old beefier! An old model is in a wide range of prices, from cheaper to more expensive, all depends what it is (utility, collection rare model, stamped).