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Oct 25, 2013 03:32 AM

Pappy Van Winkle 23 Year Old

Just slightly off topic, who in this area sells it?

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  1. 1 West Dupont Circle definitely has it but if its off cycle you're looking at paying over a grand. I have a liquor store I've bought 15 year from but I can't share that source with you. Sorry.

    1. You aren't going to find any Pappy on the shelves. Its distillery, Buffalo Trace, releases a small amount once each fall, to stores stocking its products. These bottles are usually spoken for before they arrive, as most stores keep waiting lists. There are internet rumors of some allotments already going out, but one of my stores reported a November release.

      Your best bet is to talk to your local spirits shop and ask to be put on their waiting list. Then cross your fingers. And like Shake N Balk: no, I won't tell you which store(s) I use, where I am on their list, and how much I can get a hold of each year.

      This stuff is more precious than gold...

      David Chang and Anthony Bourdain have made it even more difficult for those of us who have been hunting this stuff for years.

      1. Just but Willet aged products at a fraction of the price, enjoy flavors other than wood, and treat yourself to several dinners at Komi with the money you save. My last shot of Willet 18, I can't remember the lot name, was a life affirming experience..