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Oct 24, 2013 11:34 PM

9 best sandwiches in the Mission, SF - what do you think?

Serious Eats has a list of 9 best sandwiches in the Mission. Who's tried them & are there other sandwiches that are really good in SF?


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  1. Some good ones on the list, particularly Pal's is always reliable. But my No. 1 is the smoked salmon on a bialy open faced at Wise Sons Deli.

    1. Surprised there's nothing from Rhea's on the list. And any club sandwich requires toasted bread in my book. But these look pretty good as a group to me.

      1. I often ate from Tortas Los Picudos when I lived in the Mission, but that was some years ago now. Assuming the quality hasn't changed, I can happily recommend that.

        1. Count me as surprised by the lack of Rhea's, Salumeria, and Wise Sons. Surprised, but not dissapointed, by the lack of Ike's. But reading the article a little more closely I see that the author had already written up three separate lists of "best" Missions sandwiches, and the final list was a best-of-the-best. All the "missing" ones above are called out in the earlier lists.

          BTW: anyone here care to comment about Mission Picnic? Looks intriguing from the sidewalk, but I haven't had a chance to check them out yet.

          1. Lamb shawerma from truly mediterranean