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Oct 24, 2013 11:27 PM

I never read the Chow, just the Chowhound.

Looking at my page I see.

Product reviews




I really like Chowhound, the discussions.Ever read or look at Chow ? I never do.

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    1. re: hill food

      me, too -- but I even tend to search the forums for recipes.

    2. The original comment has been removed
        1. Occasionally, but it's not bookmarked on my laptop. If I see an interesting link, I'll check it out. I get the email recipes and will often check them out.

          1. The CHOW section changes all the time. The staff, the video team, the writers, the projects. Many starts and stops. Just when it starts to get interesting on CHOW, the project is pulled. I visit the CHOW pages always in the hope that I find something new and interesting to read and watch on video.

            At one point the CHOW videos were super interesting. Many I'm referring to are still archived on the main Video page. If you take some time to search around there are some interesting interviews and concepts there. But nothing new lately.

            The Recipe archive reflects many recipes already discussed in CH threads like Home Cooking.

            Is the Blog really a Blog? Right now, it is too narrow in scope to be of value (imvho). Covering highlights from CH NY, LA, San Fran and bits of misc. CH threads. A teaser but not a blog.

            It appears that most of the CHOW information is done on a small budget with the same people on staff wearing all the hats. I miss "guest appearances." and loath the silly.

            The fairly new Product Review section, my own impression about the basic concept is mixed. I don't follow spending $$$ on brand new products for "independent" review only to read CH's (often) dissatisfied NOT with the product itself but with the actual review process conducted by the CHOW Product Review Team. The Team rarely communicates with its audience in threads and doesn't address criticisms.

            CHOW represents the staff on board here. Editorial content, marketing, project ideas, professionals with experience...clearly they work hard...and receive some of the strongest forms of criticism on the site (including my own).