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Oct 24, 2013 09:25 PM

Please review my Memphis bbq tour list

LA Hound coming in to try Memphis bbq. I did an Austin Texas tour previously and now want to learn about Memphis style. I will be staying downtown and have a car. I'm pretty adventurous and generally don't have issues wandering into different neighborhoods. Although as an Asian, I have stuck out like a sore thumb in some of my food wanderings outside of LA.

I appreciate any thoughts on my list below. I also have some other non bbq places to break it up. A few of those places are closed on Sunday, so I'm planning around that but any other tips would be appreciated.

Payne's – pulled pork sandwich
Central - ribs
A&R – pulled pork sandwich, ribs
Cozy Corner - rib tips, bbq cornish game hen
BBQ Shop – pulled pork sandwich, dry ribs
Interstate – ribs
German Commissary – ribs, potato salad

Alcenia's – soul food
Gus's – Fried chicken
Soul Fish Cafe – Fried Catfish
Dyers – Burgers

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Hi Jase, another L.A. hound here currently staying in downtown Memphis. We have a similar list but I'm not yet done. Had a pulled pork sandwich at Central which was pretty good. Next I moved on to the Germantown Commissary for dinner and decided to get the 'Boss Hog' which has pork shoulder pulled or chopped (had pulled) and it was excellent, a big sausage also excellent, ribs and chicken both good but if I go back I'd skip the chicken cause I didn't have much room left for the coconut pie! The fried chicken and fried green tomatoes with a bottle of local Ghost River Golden Ale at Gus's is well worth a stop. Fried catfish at Soul Fish was really good as was the assortment of all the fried seafood at Pearl's Oyster House, recommended by a trolley driver, which is walkable from downtown hotels. The best things about Dyer's was the server and the history but extremely thin patties deep-fried to well done with limited toppings just didn't do it for me. I guess I prefer some of the more 'upscale' burgers back home! The only breakfast that I would repeat was yesterday at Brother Juniper's. The biscuits with and without gravy, pancake and waffle all good, really good! Only place of those on my list that serve real dairy butter and pure maple syrup. Blue Plate Cafe had good chow but served with buttery flavor spread and imitation maple flavor syrup. Same with the historic Arcade Restaurant.

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      Hi sel,

      I recognize your name! Thanks so much for the reply and info. I will pass on Dyers then, I was iffy to start and I trust what you said. I didn't see Pearl before, I wanted to try more fries seafood and will put that on the list instead.

      I had forgotten about Arcade. Maybe just stop for a small snack to see the place.

      Thanks again, good luck and safe travels on the rest of your trip.

      1. re: Jase

        Hit Payne's yesterday, best pulled pork so far, ever! Got the sandwich and only used 1/2 a slice of the Weber's type bread to mop up remnants of 'hot' sauce. Was asked if I wanted hot mild or medium, got the hot which went really well with the pork, not overpowering, just good! Gibson's Donuts this morn for a chocolate old fashioned and custard filled choc covered bar. Freshest and best tasting donuts I'v ever had. I like Donut Man back home but these rocked. Off to Cozy Corner now......

    2. Excellent list! Two places I would certainly add though would be Bryant's on Summer Avenue for the best breakfast anywhere (if nothing else, just get a country ham, egg and cheese on a biscuit), and the Four Way Inn for fried chicken or catfish. A great place to go after an early morning trip to the Civil Rights Museum.

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        Thank you so much! The museum is on my list of things to do and Four Way Inn sounds great for lunch afterwards. I'm going to have a hard time deciding between the fried catfish or chicken!