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Oct 24, 2013 08:55 PM

Brooklyn Fare Manhattan - When Does it Open?

In last week's Time Out New York, they mention that the Manhattan output of Brooklyn Fare is opening. There's a picture of glazed carrots with the label of "New This Week" at the top of the photo.

Yet, I don't see anything mentioned on Grubstreet or Eater. Anybody know what's up? Doesn't make sense for TONY to label "New This Week" and not actually open.

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  1. I heard it will open tomorrow.


      As well stocked as Brooklyn Fare in Boerum Hill may be, its new Manhattan store, opening on Friday, has an even more dizzying array of products, often organic and artisanal, crammed into 11,000 square feet.

      Note: this is just the STORE not the Chef's Table / restaurant.

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        Cesar, the chef from Brooklyn Fare has been active in the setting up of the new place. The link you posted, says there will be a 45 seat restaurant by the end of November. I guess, it won't be anything like Bklyn Fare and it's tasting menu experience.

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          Thanks CH regulars! Good timing on the post I guess. Just weird that TONY implies its the restaurant (at least by posting a picture of a dish).

          foodwhisperer, from Eater a month or two ago - there may be a chef's counter.

          >>The Story: The long-delayed Manhattan spinoff of Brooklyn's most acclaimed fine dining restaurant will feature a 65-seat dining room plus a 10-seat chef's counter. Although Ramirez is overseeing this project, the main chef at this new restaurant is Jared Sippel, who previously worked at Frasca Food and Wine in Boulder, Colorado. The a la carte menu will have French, Italian, and Japanese influences, with an emphasis on pasta.

      2. Honestly, I get the hype but I think it'll disappoint.

        I can't imagine that the food will be anything truly related to what Cesar does at BK Fare Chef's Table. Everybody knows about his secretive nature and I can't imagine him sharing or discussing recipes with an outpost that he won't be at all the time.

        And as great a cook as he is, I've never gotten the impression (nor from industry folk I've talked with) that he's good at running a restaurant. I don't know what value-add he's providing by "overseeing" the project.

        Lastly, even though the food tastes great, a large part of the draw of the meal at Brooklyn Fare is the generous amount of top notch ingredients. I don't see how that kind of value is possible in Manhattan unless the restaurant will serve as a loss leader for the grocery/market.

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          Good points Fooder. Although Cesar did work at several restaurants before, not sure how much he had to do with running them i.e. Bouley. But from what I hear it is the Grocery/market that they make the money on , not the restaurant . So probably the same story here in Manhattan.

          Thanks Deepfry for the info

        2. I called and was informed that the Manhattan restaurant "will be opening soon."

          1. Time Out New York regularly runs pictures of food at places which are still construction sites. Eater is a more reliable guide to places actually being open.