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Oct 24, 2013 07:59 PM

What's the most romantic restaurant in Vegas?

My wife and I will be celebrating our 2nd anniversary in Vegas. We eat pretty much anything, but we're looking to avoid steakhouses. We like steak, but I want something more unique. On our last trip to Vegas we enjoyed meals at Scarpetta, Twist, and Sage.

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    1. re: freshmanjs

      sadly I can't get reservations there :(

      1. re: Chowaiian

        i have not been to guy savoy in vegas yet, but the one in paris is the best restaurant i've ever been to. maybe that could be an option.

        the new Nobu at Caesars is a pretty good date place. it's more hip and sleek than formal, but a good spot.

    2. I know it is off the strip, small, not the usual -- Raku.

      1. L'Atelier is not romantic. At all. Counter service in a bright room.

        Joel Robuchon Restaurant is romantic, and I'm sure you can get reservations if you call.

        Raku, equally, is not terribly romatic though the food is outstanding.

        Guy Savoy is isolated and very proper - it would make a great choice and the food is wonderful. Similarly, and cheaper, Le Cirque could be an option.

        If you don't mind 'off strip,' one of the lakeside seats at Marche Bacchus could work and if you'd prefer on-strip, Bartolotta at The Wynn is very lavish with a great view.

        Carnevino, the back room (away from the hustle/bustle/noise) could also work nicely, but it is a "steakhouse" primarily.

        Consider Andres or Alize, though I've not been there - I hear great things about the room.

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        1. re: uhockey

          Great list...Guy Savoy, Bartolotta and, I miss Alex at the Wynn.
          Country Club is another fave.
          For old school, Hugo's cellar at the 4 Queens.

        2. Bartolotta at the Wynn has cabana tables.

          1. No one has mentioned Picasso at the Bellagio. We find it romantic and one of the best restaurant in Las Vegas. Eiffel Tower Room is also very nice with a great view.

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            1. re: gdiego

              I guess my issue with Picasso is that it feels sort of 'touristy' with the paintings instead of the food being the focus. I admit, the seats with the fountain view are quite nice - but the food at Le Cirque is superior.


              1. re: uhockey

                We have dined at both Picasso and Le Cirque. My first experience at Picasso was great and I thought both the food and service was superior. My second visit was disturbing due to a couple nearby who had too much to drink. Management noticed we were uncomfortable and moved us. The food and service was okay but missed my expectations.

                Our first visit to Le Cirque was a little underwhelming. Food was just so-so. Our second visit there last December was outstanding and the best meal I have had anywhere since my visit to Madrid 20 years ago. Unbelievable!
                I am skeptical returning now that Mario Maccioni and family are departing.

                I have yet to try Guy Savoy or Joel Robuchon but my wallet might not be big enough for that evening. We have dined at L'Atalier which I thoroughly enjoyed but my wife thought atmosphere was lacking. I agree but the food....superb!

                Eiffel Tower is usually a must each trip. We have gotten to know a waiter there and the wife loves the place. The food is okay and my last meal there was good. Just a step below Picasso & Le Cirque. Because of the departure of Mario, we will try Picasso again this year. Any other suggestions?

                1. re: gdiego

                  Twist is, in my opinion, still the best food in Las Vegas.


                  1. re: uhockey

                    Twist is one restaurant on my radar that I would like to visit. I have heard great reviews. Any menu recommendations?

                    1. re: gdiego

                      Alas the menu changes so frequently it would be hard to "recommend" a specific dish. IMO, choose a protein, either crustacean or game bird, and make that your main course. If you like foie gras, do that as an appetizer. If you have the means, just do the tasting menu - you'll probably receive one bite or small plate that makes you wonder what exactly the chef was thinking....and 4-5 dishes that make you wonder why you've never been there before.


                  2. re: gdiego

                    I went to Guy Savoy last month, and while the food was spectacular, my wife and I definitely did not consider it to be romantic. We were sat in the room facing the strip when we arrived, and it is just concrete and glass, with polished concrete floors. There were two tables in the room and the conversations echoed like we were standing in a metal box. We asked to me moved to the main dining room, which they happily did, and we enjoyed our meal, but the space is so modern it may feel very cold to some people. Service was good but not comparable to what we have experienced at Robuchon. The dining room at Robuchon has a much warmer feel and color palette, but I guess that's could be a matter of personal preference for some.

                    1. re: la2tokyo

                      I agree 100% on the room being modern, but I also think the table spacing could be considered very romantic, particularly those with a view of the faux Eiffel Tower. In terms of posh/swank its hard to top Robuchon.


                      1. re: uhockey

                        uhockey, we dined at Bartoletto two decembers ago with a firly large mostly family party, probably 8 or 10. Interior circular table. Service and food were very good. But I don't remember any view from the tables by the windows other than nice landscaping and perhaps an angle towards a pool, and there was some lighting but mostly dark outside.

                        ate at Raku only once, with my brother just before midnight on a weeknight. we were seated at the bar. but there were a couple of rooms to the left of the main dining room where we waited that were small and a bit removed, the restaurant was quiet, the service from the female servers was excellent, the small skewers and the sashimi we split were easily shared and excellent, and the entire experience was on such a smaller scale than anywhere else i've eaten in vegas that i would recommend it for a romantic meal.