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Puy Lentils

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Where can I find real puy lentils?

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    1. Highland Farms has Nupak le Puy lentils, in one of their ethnic aisles. I usually stock up on them when I'm there.
      This is a product of western Canada, but is the same bean variety, grown under similar conditions to the Auvergne, priced just above domestic beans.

      1. Funny one of my friend's mom's went to send her lentils from France.... turns out they were grown in Canada.

        1. Rube's Rice in the basement of the Saint Lawrence Market has them.

          1. I've only ever bough puy lentils in bulk bins so I guess they aren't authentic. They did look like the lentils on the following website.


            I bought them in bulk at Essence of Life in Kensington.

            1. Moberly Natural Foods (Danforth west of Woodbine) has them in their bulk bins.

              1. Has anyone actually compared le Puy AOC lentils to the western Canada product?
                I balked at the price of the French product online,as it was >$12/lb with shipping.
                The Nupak price was $3/ lb and the peas were very good: firm, flavorful and dark blue green in color.

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                  I quite enjoyed the bulk bin puys and wonder if there is a huge taste difference. Some things are definitely worth the extra cost and I wonder if it is the case here.

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                    I just found some at the Organics store on Queen west at Givins. Cooked them up and they are noticeably better. I do enjoy the ones I got at Rube's Rice and for the price it is a more reasonable substitute. The real deal Puy lentils are great for a special treat.

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                      Thanks for the info! I will definitely to seek out the real thing.

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                        tpw72 , I have to ask about the Organics at Givins lentils. Does the package indicate "le Puy Lentils, Appellation d'Origine Controlee?" What price per lb?
                        Every AOC product has the origin and exclusivity indicated on the label.

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                          jayt90, the brand is called Sabarot from France. (www.sabarot.com)$11.99 for 500g. A.O.C. A.O.P. designation on the label.