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Oct 24, 2013 07:25 PM

Thermapens... should I keep both or sell one?

Hi. I see there are a lot of you that use Thermapens so I thought this might be a good place to ask this question. I put the request out for a Thermapen for my birthday - I've been wanting one for a long time but could never justify the expense - and my request was answered... and then some. Long story short: I ended up with two brand new Thermapens.

I'd hate to have one sitting unused on the one hand... but on the other hand, I'd hate to have it crap out on me and not have the 2nd to turn to. I'm not terribly concerned with my own mishaps - I'm pretty careful with my tools - but more about its long term reliability, etc.

What would you do? Sell it or keep it?


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  1. I would look at it the same way I do with spare parts* for my British car. If you have it on hand, it'll never fail.
    Think of it as an insurance policy.

    *-I currently have on hand a starter, generator, fuel pump, clutch and brake slave cylinders, rotor, cap, ignition wires, plugs, coil, and god knows what else hidden around the garage....

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    1. re: zippypinhead

      lol... fair enough.

      I guess its just that IF these things are extremely reliable, then I really don't want to have a 2nd sitting in (and wasting valuable space in) a drawer for no real reason. If they are known to crap out or whatever... then yeah, may as well keep it.

      1. re: bcsteeve

        Heh. "The parts falling off if this vehicle are of the finest British manufacture."

        Happily, Thermapens have a much higher reputation for quality and durability than old British cars. Unless you're liable to leave it underwater or in the oven, you can reasonably expect years of good performance.

        Sell it. Or even better, give it to a fellow foodie friend. You'll reap many times the foregone Craigslist price in perfectly cooked food from the grateful recipient.

        1. re: nokitchen

          I don't really feel there's anyone in my circle of friends that a) would appreciate what it is and b) I'd feel comfortable being that charitable with.

          I would hope, being that its brand new, a highly respected brand, rarely goes on sale, etc etc, that I could get a pretty good price for it. Maybe not. I'd guess that someone looking at ordering one at full retail would be happy to save $10 or $20. More of a discount than that... I guess I'd keep it.

          So I guess if anyone reading this in the next little bit wants a brand new in box Thermapen for $80... I've got one. Meanwhile, I'll investigate going the eBay route.

          1. re: bcsteeve

            Actually, Thermopens go one sale all the time. But your price of $80 is still lower than the sale that started just today ($85).

            1. re: JayL

              Interesting. I've been looking at / drooling over them for a long time now and every time I looked... same price. Every time I searched, the best I could find was a dollar cheaper at King Arthur.

              Lol... that's why people bought them for me. I didn't shut up about it for > a year.

              I looked at eBay's completed auctions, and it seems they (somewhat) routinely go north of $90. After fees, that brings me to the $80 anyway. I'll sit on it for a bit and decide what to do. I've already used it three times... maybe it'll become so invaluable that I'll more want it as a backup (or, who knows, maybe there will be dishes where I'll appreciate having two to use at once). Thanks for everyone's input.

            2. re: bcsteeve

              If it's still in its original packaging I'd think you could return it, for a store credit, to any store that carries them.

              1. re: c oliver

                That would shock me. First off... good luck finding "any store that carries them". Have you ever seen one in a store? Its pretty much online only. At least I'm sure there's no store in my area that has them. And then, no receipt? I can't imagine anything more than a polite "get lost".

                1. re: bcsteeve

                  Wow, you shock easily :) I don't know where you live (and checking your profile I see this is your first post) but I'm pretty sure I've seen them in retail. And I've returned many, many things without a receipt. I don't get cash back, of course, but a store credit has never been a problem.

                  If you do decide to sell on eBay or craigslist I assume you're prepared to not get close to what it costs new. Good luck and welcome to CH.

                  1. re: c oliver

                    Yeah, perhaps "shock" was a little strong. I didn't have my thesaurus handy.

                    They cost $96 new and, as I already noted, a lot of completed eBay listings have them in the $85 to $92 range... and several of those are used! So they seem to hold their value. Of course, there are the fees, and that needs to be taken into consideration.

                    Anyway, I'm pretty confident that no, I won't be able to "return" it at retail. There's exactly one chef supply (other than the posers in the mall) anywhere near me and they never heard about them when I asked. They only carry Taylor. I phoned around, back when I was looking, to every possible local source with no luck.

                    When you read on the manufacturer's website about retail, they explain why they are in "so very few" retail outlets because they (basically) refuse to give a decent margin, instead choosing to sell direct to customers at higher profits. Sure, they disguise it with phrases like "pass savings on", etc... but the implication is that they aren't really available in stores. If they are in your area, then that's great. But I can't imagine walking into a store that carries a product like this and asking them to accept a "return" for a product I didn't buy from them... store credit or otherwise. No store that carries these are going to be of the Walmart variety! I'm not saying you're wrong... just that it doesn't apply to my circumstances. [/unshock]

                    1. re: bcsteeve

                      $80 shipped, I'll take it.

                      Mail me at

                      and we'll work out the details.


                      1. re: JohnMD1022

                        I've sent you an email John. You may want to edit your post and remove your address before you get nailed by a million spam-bots!


        One canot have too many tools.

        1. I agree if possible return it for store credit. If you keep it as a spare I would look into taking the battery out as it may sit on a shelf for 20 plus years before you reach for it.

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          1. re: Tom34

            As noted, I can't return it for a store credit. It was bought online directly from the manufacturer (in England) so even if they do accept returns, I'd be out shipping.

            Good call on the battery - though I noted your sarcasm ;)

          2. Assume it's the splash proof?
            If you keep both, I have two, you can set one to F and one to C.

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            1. re: scubadoo97

              Yeah, its the splashproof. I hadn't thought much about F vs C... it has to be "set"? I guess I assumed there'd be some real quick way to see either / both. Being in Canada, recipes are a real mix. Officially, we're metric... but so much influence from the US... most cooking is still in those wonky degrees.

              1. re: bcsteeve

                Yes, in the battery compartment there's a dip switch. Look online at the manual for the settings.