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Oct 24, 2013 06:21 PM


I bought lots of garlic by mistake and wondering how best to keep it (over 1 lb.). Understand garlic losses its pungency if refrigerated. What now?

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  1. It will keep in a cool dark place for a long time. Put each bulb in a brown paper bag or in a cardboard egg carton.

    Roast whole bulbs and keep in the fridge for several weeks.

    1. Roast and freeze in ice cube tray. Pop out cubes and use as needed.

      1. lots of garlic is a mistake? ;)

        it will keep in a cool dark place, just like onions.

        you can roast/confit and freeze in small portions.

        1. Hardneck or softneck? Some keep better than others, in my experience the softnecks. Are any starting to sprout? It's almost time for garlic to be back in the ground, making new garlic. I find that most garlic, at least grown on the US, gets less good as spring approaches. Less good is not neccesarily bad, but I am going to check out roasting and freezing some of what I don't eat or plant by Dec. I've got more than a pound!

          1. Thanks everyone... now at least I have an idea what to do. Getting to work before the garlic dries out.....