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Oct 24, 2013 06:11 PM

XLB Soup Dumplings

Have never had a XLB dumpling, but live alone in the Raleigh area where we've just had a new/old restaurant that offers them. I love the thought of them and can't wait to try them. I work long hours and have recently relocated here - my question is ... Can you order and take them out to eat home? I live only a few minutes and didn't really know, wouldn't want to offend the chef, etc... So could I order them "to-go"?

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  1. No, time and temp is critical. They are served HOT and you want to eat them that way. It's not a matter of offending but rather you don't want to eat anything other than hot, right out of the steamer basker. IMneverHO :)

    1. XLBs are best eaten right out of the kitchen, out of the bamboo steamer, as C Oliver said. Of course if the resto is about to close by the time you get there, then you'd have no choice but to take them out. How about eating them in the car ? [grin]

      1. I will ask my restaurant owner friend. I can imagine that you can order the uncooked XLB to go, and then steam them at home, but I will check to see what she really thinks.

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        1. One problem with getting XLB to go......they may break when being transferred from the steamer to the container.....and you would lose all the soup in the dumpling.

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            Well, yes, that could also happen from the steamer to the spoon but probably FAR more likely from the steamer to the container and then to the spoon.

          2. Yes, of course you can.

            But, maybe I'm missing something ... why can't you just eat them in the restaurant?