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Oct 24, 2013 06:10 PM

The Dog and Cask (formerly Bistro 55) - Rochelle Park

The Boozy Burbs blog (say that 10x) has some good details about the former Bistro 55 space on Rt. 17. This could be promising *fingers crossed*

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  1. seasonal, craft, artisanal, farm to glass?
    sounds like a pricier version of bistro 55

    1. Yes, sounds promising. A lot planned there. Sounds like they are doing and planning to offer a lot. If they deliver, it could be very good.

      As far as value, price-point(s), etc. -- who knows. I hope it works and succeeds.

      1. Thanks for sharing our post!

          1. re: boozyburbs

            so has anyone checked D & C out yet? I looked at their menu online. Besides the charcuterie, there wasnt much I need to rush there for. May wait a few weeks, let them settle in and give them a shot.

          2. Still haven't had a chance to try this place yet but over the holidays the parking lot would be really crowded one day and kind of empty the next.

            I don't know the full days were days with parties or something .
            I am curious to check it out.