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Oct 24, 2013 05:47 PM

Problem with "recipe of the day" on one of my computers

I have several computers. Only one of them is having this problem. And two of them are on the same network!!! I can't click on "Get this recipe" on Chow recipe of the day on one of them (the main one, of course) and get the save this recipe page. I instead get a huge amount of material printed in blue on the left side of my screen. How can I get this extraneous stuff to go away, and get back to the easy one click to save the daily recipe???
Please help ASAP.
I love CHOW, and use it at least once a day

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  1. My best guess would be that you could try clearing out the cache on your browser on the computer where it's not working. It sounds like there's some messed up style sheet issues happening on that computer and clearing the cache might get rid of them.