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Oct 24, 2013 04:30 PM

Need six VG lunch spots: San Antonio

The wife suggests we celebrate each Friday for being one more week of Radiation Therapy done for me by having a great lunch. We wouldn't be legit Texans if we didn't like Mexican or BBQ, but first priority is grub we can't get in Kerrville: Greek, Indian, Italian, French...and anything and everything well prepared and deelish.

Favorites, please!

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  1. My 6 picks
    1. Jerusalem Grill
    2. El Bucanero
    3. El Mirasol
    4. Thai Dee
    5. Cappy's
    6. Florio's Pizza (or Dough, if you want it more upscale)

    Moroccan Bites
    Taqueria Datapoint
    Jamaica Jamaica (take-out only - nearby Tobin Park has some picnic tables)

    Hope your therapy goes well and your next 6 trips to SA are just for fun.

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    1. re: San Antonio Sam


      Thanks for your very generous list. And special thanks for the Thai place. (Speaking of grub one cannot get in Kerrville!)

    2. So sorry to hear that you have to undergo this. My nephew just finished and is doing okay. Lunches....Thai, Sarika or
      Jasmine near the medical center...French, Bistro Vatel at
      the McColllough round-a-bout..French/Belgian, Frites on South Alamo...Latin American, Azuca, also on S. Alamo,.. German, Spiesen Blanco at Loop 410...Italian, Tre on Broadway near the Witte Museum...These are scattered all over the place, but you'll have a car and driving is fairly easy in SA. Good luck with the treatments.

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      1. re: amazinc

        Thanks, Z:

        I drive by that Jasmine every day; glad to hear it recommended; I Googled-up Sam's Thai Dee and the menu looks very promising. Interesting to see NO Greek or Indian or Chinese out of 14 recommended restaurants. Not complaining, ya understand, just commenting

        1. re: dickgrub

          Sarovar - on my alternates list - is Indian. It's my favorite Indian in SA (not that I've tried them all, of course). The food is quite spicy. They have a buffet several nights a week (not sure about lunch - only been for dinner).

          If it's available, I recommend the buffet. The one time I had it - the labeling was not so good so I kind of had no idea what some of the items were - but they were all delicious . .and pretty spicy! I made sort of a pig of myself it was all so good . . .I sort of had to waddle out to my car afterwards . . .nothing to make a regular thing out of, lol.

          Ordering off the menu is good, too . .you can ask for less spicy if you want. So far, I've been here about 6 times and ordered something different each time and liked it all . .well, except I got chicken biryani twice . . it's good.

          As for Greek - Jerusalem Grill has Middle Eastern, Greek, Persian and Turkish food. I've heard that Mina and Dimi's is good but have not been. Our favorite Chinese in town is China Inn . . but it's nothing really special . .just good, solid American-style Chinese food. The place amazinc is talking about on NW Military is called Sichuan Cuisine . .and they have some really good traditional items on thier menu - but for American style stuff. .like Beef and Broccoli, Kung Pao Chicken, etc .. we go to China Inn just down the street.

          1. re: San Antonio Sam

            Sam, you da man; much appreciate the Extra Effort.

            Am headed for Thai Dee as the Next Celebration. Haven't had Tom Ka Gai soup in two years.

      2. One Chinese I can rec. for you is Sichuan...something or the other on NW Military Hwy. Ate there only once, but loved the
        whole fish in pepper oil. Oh, I forgot Kim Wah in the little
        corner mall at Heubner and Bandera Rds. Their salt and pepper seafood platter is yum. It's in the mall with the Joanne's Fabric store. Ask for the "Chinese" menu. FYI, the Tim's Oriental Market is across the street from Kim Wah. If you want to purchase some Asian ingredients, it's the place to try. There's a Greek at Heubner & I-10, but I'm not sure of the name...Papouli's??..and I haven't eaten there.

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        1. re: amazinc

          Sichuan Cuisine

          I'll add The Luxury
          Il Sogno
          Pho Ha Long
          Tang Street
          Taste of India
          India Palace

          1. re: saeyedoc

            Thanks for the further recommendations, S. Ain't this Chowhound the greatest! A week ago I had no idea where to have the Celebratory Lunches. Now I have fifteen choices!

        2. My favorite lunch spot that I miss the most is El Bohio over by Ft Sam. Its really cheap and the best Puerto Rican pulled pork you will find. Im not a fan of Buffet style food but this is the very very best! There is a great mediterranean food place over by the medical district called Pasha - its excellent. Dough has great pizza but I have found that sometimes its a bit off.

          1. Best BBQ is at Bar-B-Que Station at Loop 410 & Harry Wurzbach & 2nd great BBQ is at the Smoke Shack @410 & Nacogdoches.
            Italian - Papa Dante's @ FM 1976 & Toepperwein Rd in Converse.
            Thai - Bangkok Cuisine @8214 Pat Booker Rd in Universal City. (Always getting voted "The Best Of...!!)
            Greek - Demo's @ 410 & Blanco Rd
            Mediterrean - Pasha @ IH10 & Wurzbach