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Oct 24, 2013 04:23 PM

Failed No-bake Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies to Hershey Bar Cake?

I have tried and failed once again to make chocolate no bake cookies. They came out too crumbly to pick up. They still taste great...just not much cookie to them. Could I use the crumbles in place of the chopped hershey bar bits in the icing on a Hershey Bar cake? Or would it be too chewy? I'm planning on making the cake either way so it would be great to repurpose my crumbles in some way.

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  1. Since it's not possible for responders to know just how chewy or crumbly your batch is, it's impossible to answer with confidence. My hunch is that oatmeal would make it too chewy for a cake icing/frosting. I'm thinking chewy as in the oatmeal topping of an apple crisp. But you could always repurpose the crumbles to layer in ice cream parfaits or a trifle made with pudding or mousse. Chocolate or vanilla, of course, but a pumpkin version could be good. Or just use crumbles atop yogurt.

    1. You could mix the crumblies together with peanut butter, roll into balls and keep in the fridge

      1. i salvaged some cran/oatmeal cookies that had scorched on the bottom but were fine on the top by scraping off the bad part and mixing the rest into blondie batter. it was delicious.

        would you be able to whizz what you have in the food pro and mix it with frosting for the middle layer and outside of the cake?

        don't really know what a hershey bar cake is.