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Oct 24, 2013 03:29 PM

Where to buy fresh mackerel in 5 boroughs

I've regularly buy mackerel (Atlantic) from Korean groceries, but am always frustrated about the quality. It is previously frozen from Norway, and displays unappealing characteristics - brown gills, black blood line, bloody or cloudy eyes.

I would normally just steer clear of it altogether, but my wife loves it and insists on eating it several times a week.

Does anyone know where I can buy fresh mackerel in New York? The New Fulton Fish Market does not list mackerel in their product list, along with most of the other large markets.

Any leads would be much appreciated.

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  1. Blue Moon fish guys at the Grand Army Plaza and also I think the Union Square Greenmarket.

    1. Saw some at the Lobster Place in Chelsea Market a couple of weeks ago.

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      1. re: Alan Henderson

        Saw some at Lobster Place yesterday, Sunday.

      2. It looks like Wild Edibles has it,

        I would call to be sure the day you go

        1. Its not a much loved fish among the masses. We love it but its increasingly hard to find. Best option for you is to find a local fish monger and have them order it for you. The first time my wife did that at our shop, they asked her how much she wanted and told her to come back in two days. When she returned they handed here the bag and waved her off when she tried to pay. In the northeast, mackerel is viewed and priced as a bait fish. Ridiculously cheap stuff in the wholesale market.

          You may also want to try the japanese markets. I know Mitsuwa in Edgewater carries very good quality mackerel. Maybe Sunrise Market in the village may have it though I have not looked for it there.

          1. Have you tried Citarella or Whole Foods or Pescatore at the Grand Central Market.

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              Citarella I second. Central Fish Market on 9th Ave is a better deal. Note that this is not mackerel season here in Northeast.