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Oct 24, 2013 03:17 PM

Difference in Quality Between Different Branches of Turtle Tower? [San Francisco]

I hadn't been to Turtle Tower in a long time, and last night I stopped by the branch on Geary, where I had never been before. The space is big, with some diner-like booths, and the parking was easy. I ordered the pho ga, which is what I always got at the Larkin St. branch.

The good:

- The noodles were the same fresh rice noodles I was used to. Pretty ideal texture, though maybe a tad too soft. But I really prefer these fresh noodles to the normal dried ones at other places. The speed was also great...I was in a bit of a rush, and I was happily eating soup about 3 mins after ordering, and I was done w/ dinner in under 20 minutes. It was quicker than most fast-food.

The bad:

- The pieces of chicken seemed a bit skimpy. There were about 4 bites of chicken in the soup. But worst of all was the broth, which I thought was too salty. I remember the broth at the Larkin location being just right for me...subtle and simple, but really comforting. Even after squeezing some lime into the soup, I thought it was mostly just the salt coming through.

So, is quality different at the Geary branch? Or maybe because it was later in the day and the stock was too reduced? I'm curious to hear from people who regularly eat at multiple branches, to know how much quality really differs.

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  1. Just wanted to add that there are four locations of TT and it would useful to hear about them all.

    1. In my experiences at the Larkin location and 6th St. location, service and pho ga are better at the original Larkin location.

      Since the 6th Street loc is open until 9pm (Mon-Sat) we went there even though it wasn't as good. That is, until we finally tried Lotus Garden's pho ga. No flat thick noodles but that broth is so delicious it doesn't even matter!