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Oct 24, 2013 03:01 PM

Help Needed--I need the name of a buttery and sugary rectangular cake that is served at Christmas

. I was watching Des Racines & Des Alles last night--there was a segment in which a chef made this buttery, sugary cake with a couple of apprentices. I did not catch the name of the cake but he said it was made for Christmas and holidays. (it was not a genoise and it wasn't used for Buche de Noel)..I tried googling to no avail.
Hopefully someone knows what I'm talking about. Thank you in advance. I want to bake this for Christmas.

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  1. Here's what I found using Google:
    “Galette des Rois” – literally translated as “Kings Cake” or “The Cake of three kings.”

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      Thanks BlueOx..but it isn't the King Cake. I make that every January..this is a long, rectangular cake.Ohhhh it's driving me nuts!

      1. re: manouche

        I was thinking this too. Can you describe the texture at all?

        1. re: bouudiiii

          I watched it by hops, hoping to be of any help, but I missed the cake part. At what minute does it appear?

          It cannot be kouign-amann because kouign-amann 1. is not related to any holiday, 2. is not usually square in shape, and 3. is not related to Versailles or the Paris region in any way.
          It could not be galette des Rois either because that is always round-shaped, and it could not be the more traditional gâteau des rois since that one is always ring-shaped and not very buttery.

          Could be pithiviers but I doubt it. I'll try and watch the show properly.

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            Thank you for the link,,but the episode was the one about The Carmague. The part of the episode of interest started with the "fishing" of crawfish due to the overpopulation...the man assisting the fisherman was a chef....he had apprentices.....they baked this cake. But thank you because now I'm going to try to search that episode. We saw it on TV 5 Monde USA.
            Thanks..I feel like I'm getting somewhere now!

            1. re: jarona

              I FOUND IT!!! Fougasse Sucree!! Thanks to Bouudiii. I decided to sleuth episodes...then googled' Carmague. Then desserts from the thing led to another and I saw the word "Fougasse"...then Fougasse sucree and knew I hit it when I saw Orange blossom water.
              The funny thing is when I asked my Frenchman why he didn't remember the name of the cake..he stated he wasn't crazy about any kind of Fougasse and thought I would forget about it. Instead..I'm going to make it this weekend!

              1. re: jarona

                ;-) You should have specified that you were watching an old number of "Des racines et des ailes" on the Internet, and which one you watched... I thought you had watched the last episode on TV. So now I know all I need to know about the Versailles gardens and waterworks.

                A type of fougasse sucrée is indeed made during the holiday season in Provence and Languedoc. But generally it is round in shape, or oval, not square or rectangular. Not very buttery, also. The best version of that sort of pastry is in my opinion the fouace from Rouergue.

                If you google Carmague, you won't get very interesting results. If you google Camargue, you'll get better stuff.