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Oct 24, 2013 03:00 PM

Utility Bag / Bar Rollup

I was looking for a kit that would be portable to travel with (as most of my friends don't have the proper tools to make cocktails) and if I could have something easily portable to carry gear with that would make life much easier when visiting or traveling etc <-- that bag is very pricy, comes with zero tools, does not seem like it could fit a boston shaker in it <-- this one has all the tools, seems practical, the frustrating part is that uber tools wants to "brand" their items and they have some funky jigger and no other slots for putting additional jiggers in there but this is the best thing I have found at a reasonable price and it has a boston shaker in it which i really like

Is there anything else better out there or that I should look at

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  1. The Meehan rollup is nice. But way, way, way overpriced. Have you seen the Meehan bag? Fantastic bag, crazy price, and weighs like around 18 lbs. I was sick one day and missed an event I was invited to where the 25 attendees got a Meehan bag and rollup as part of their goodie bags. I was never more pissed when I found out. I actually threw a tantrum and broke stuff. LOL

    I don't like the Uber bar tools roll up, or their equipment. I have a bunch of their stuff that I have gotten in event goodie bags over the years. I ended up giving much of it away. Overpriced, cool looking in the most part, but clumsy.

    A lot of us bartenders have been trying to find what is the best solution. When I work gigs where I need several full sets of gear I use a technicians aluminum toolcase I picked up at Home Depot. I can fit three full sets of everything in it, plus six-eight 4 oz. Boston Round bottles of bitters/syrups. It weighs a ton, but is pretty strong. This is the one I have, with movable interior sections. The tools go into the hanging sleeve/slots. Eclipse # 900-048

    I am thinking of switching to a hard plastic tool case such as a Pelican.

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    1. re: JMF

      Wow what a day to miss out...that bag is pretty awesome looking IMO (Mrs Dapuma says its ugly - crazy talk)

      I thought it looked great but the price is fairly cost prohibitive for something that a hobby, and is a lot of liquors to acquire versus just a bag that I would only use maybe a dozen times a year - surely I could find a use for 15 new amaros more than a dozen times a year :)

      That looks kind of like a gaming hard case but a hard plastic insert instead of foam

      I like Rosle tools for the kitchen - too bad they don't make anything for bartending, I am sure it would be good, their channel knife is awesome

      1. re: Dapuma

        Channel knives are bar tools... I like Rosle or Kuhn Rikon. I have both in several tools.

        My full bar kit:
        Bitters, assorted
        Bottle opener
        Bottles, Boston Rounds 4 oz. with droppers and spray
        Bucket, ice
        Bucket, slop
        Citrus peeler
        Citrus zester
        Citrus, hand juicer
        Container, kosher salt
        Container, sugar
        Cutting board, Plastic
        Funnels, medium, small,
        Grater, nutmeg
        Hip flask
        Jiggers, Japanese style
        Knife, paring
        Mat, bar, rubber
        Measuring cups, plastic
        Measuring spoons
        Measuring Spoons
        Mixing glass
        Muddler, wood, unvarnished
        Pourers, metal Spill Stop 285-50
        Scoops, Ice, plastic, large and small
        Shaker, glass
        Shaker, steel, 16 oz
        Shaker, steel, 28 oz
        Spoon, Bar
        Strainer, Fine mesh, conical, 3”
        Strainer, Hawthorne
        Strainer, Julep
        Swizzle stick or bar whisk, 10-14”
        Tool / knife rollup
        Tool / bar case
        Wine key

    2. These guys make some very nice leather totes, briefcases and satchels at way less $. Still not cheap though.

      1. The president of our USBG chapter designed both a roll up and a bag under the company name "twelve twenty four (1224)" that is rather high quality. Haven't pulled the trigger on it, but it is for sale at the Boston Shaker store and website:

        More details on their website:

        1. I have a lot of junk bar tools I have been given over the years. but my real set up are some pretty high quality bar tools and gear. Most of it is Japanese and a serious investment. It's worth it to me to spend a little to guarantee the safety of my kit.

          After looking at the bag on sale at Boston Shaker for $300, it reminded me of high end camera bags. Something similar to the Boston shaker bag would be less than 1/3 the price in a camera bag.

          I have an Ape case brand bag for my camera that is almost large enough, and it was the smallest one, the ACPRO1000 Digital SLR Camera Case, and I got it for $40, regular $50. It is VERY well made, mine is 6 years old, has been all over the world with no damage or even any noticeable wear, is crazy padded, has movable, padded internal dividers with velcro that is some heavy duty velcro. The bag once got knocked off a 8 foot wall onto concrete, and none of the lenses or cameras inside were damaged.

          The model ACPRO1400 might be barely big enough, but I'm not sure. B&H has it for $50, regular price $65+

          Or the ACPRO720W

          Or something like this ACPRO1610W

          The model ACPRO1600 Digital SLR/Laptop Travel Case looks like it would be perfect, including carrying several full sets of gear, cutting board, and laptop or tablet.

          It's $85 at B&H Photo, regular price $120+.

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          1. re: JMF

            The inside of the case looks almost identical to the ACPRO1600 - I wonder if they used that as a starting point

          2. I got the ACPRO1610W from B&H. I'll use it for a few weeks and report back.

            I have started to load it up, I'm amazed how much it holds, so far:

            2 sets of Koriko metal shakers
            2 "Boston" cocktail glasses
            2 sets of Japanese style 1x2oz. and 1/2x3/4 oz. jiggers
            1 hand lemon squeezer
            1 PUG muddler
            2 Japanese style bar spoons
            2 hawthorne strainers
            1 fine strainer
            2 julep strainers
            1 set of measuring spoons from 1/8th tsp to 1 Tbs.
            1 10" garnish tweezer
            1 wine key
            1 small 1"x4" LED flashlight with regular and red lights
            1 Japanese ice pick
            1 nutmeg grater
            1 plastic oxo angle 2" measuring cup
            1 Kuhn Rikon pairing knife
            1 Kuhn Rikon metal zester
            1 Kuhn Rikon "Piranha" peeler
            1 plastic 7"x10" cutting board
            1 Tablet computer
            pen, pencil, small notebook

            2.5"x2.5"x1.5" clear lid metal containers with:
            whole nutmegs
            Vietnamese cinnamon
            For rimming:
            kosher salt
            smoked kosher salt
            smoked sugar
            Merken - a Chilean spice blend

            4 oz. Boston Round dropper bottles with:
            Angostura bitters
            Angostura Orange bitters
            Peychaud's bitters
            my own Colonial bitters

            4 oz. Boston Round spray bottles with:
            Orange Blossom water
            Rose water