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Oct 24, 2013 02:55 PM

FYI: BMMT closed until 11/07/13

thought i'd stop by for a couple of banh mi for a late lunch only to discover the place is being gutted. even the floor has been torn out.

and its banh mi my tho for those who don't recognize the acronym

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  1. Thanks for the notice!

    I thought their banh mi was delicious -- better than most! -- but there is no seating inside. Perhaps this remodel will address that issue?? I assume it is a remodel and not a permanent closure for them?? Is their sign still up?

    We walked across the street to a park and sat at the picnic table. However, I'd usually prefer to dine in.

    1. Thanks for the heads-up, they are my favorite banh mi in the area. I just hope they don't get all fancified now and raise their prices!


          From their website:

          20th Anniversary!
          20 Years of Quality & Service

          Thank You For Being Our Loyal Customers.

          We will be closed starting Thurs, Oct 24
          (for remodel
          Reopen Thurs, Nov 7.

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            Good to know...thanks, crocodileguy!

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              YAY!! I'm so happy for them! They are such nice folks and Daniel has been working really hard to keep up the quality and making everyone feel welcome there! We love to stop by on our trips to vegas and LOAD UP. Their Bahn Mi is wonderful, but so is their bao... omg. I look forward to see what their new remodel brings! :D


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                i did not know that they had a website. thanks.

              2. they're back! i was expecting new and improved. but with the exception of the new floor (and new layers beneath the floor), it's essentially business as usual; the young looking kid behind the counter as cheerful as ever. prices pretty much the same as far as i could tell. i can live with that.