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Oct 24, 2013 02:22 PM

VIENNA : 2 dinners, 2 lunches and cake recommendations please :)

Hi - I'm looking for a few ideas for a short trip to Vienna. I live in London so I'd prefer something with an Austrian flavour rather than "International" and prefer casual atmosphere to "fine dining" Preferably not very young, trendy & noisy but we like a buzzy atmosphere and the food is the most important. A friend who went recently recommended Hansen in the Stock Exchange - is this a good option ? I LOVE cakes so where to go for afternoon tea please ? Finally, any light lunch recommendations in between to museums. We are staying on Lange Gasse. Thank you !

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  1. Hello annamk,

    Lange Gasse is a great location for chow hounds. There are quite a food places worth visiting, starting with the great Schnattl on Lange Gasse.

    There is also a real old bakery and pastry shop right on Lange Gasse, the Alte Backstube, now more of a beisl with a lot of Viennese classics on their menu, and just a short list of sweet dishes. We went there quite often 30 years ago, so I am not aware about their current status, but since they still are operating, they might have satisfied customers…

    But these are not the only ones, the area is full of places to discover.

    There is just one place I recommend since we are regulars there, visiting at least once every week: the Cantina Friulana on Bartensteingasse, just two blocks from Lange Gasse. Open Monday to Friday between 4 p.m. and 11 p.m., this is the right place for a late lunch or early dinner. At regular dining hours, after 6 p.m., it is quite full and you need a reservation, but it is the best if you are coming back home around 5 p.m. and want a nice sample of antipasti and a glass of great wine from the Friuli region before you return to your hotel.

    Hansen at the Börse building is not a Viennese style restaurant, it is more mediterrean fusion. There is a new Viennese style place right next door on Börseplatz: the Gasthaus Flosz:

    If you love cakes there are two sure hits:
    1. Demel
    Demel is the best.

    2. Aida:
    Aida is a chain with many outlets in town, and their quality/price ratio is outstanding. I am not sure about the tea, but their coffee is among the best in town as well…

    If you want to have tea time British style, there is no way around the Haas&Haas behind the St.Stephen cathedral.

    For "light lunch" before, during or after museum visits there is an easy choice: stay right there at the museum !!
    At every museum there is a great cafeteria with excellent quality food:
    The Do&Co Albertina
    The Gerstner at Kunsthistorische Museum
    The Cafe Leopold at Leopold Museum
    The Hill at the Belvedere
    etc., etc.

    Of course there are more down-to-earth alternatives:
    Albertina: the Gasthaus Reinthaler on Gluckgasse
    Kunsthistorisches Museum and Leopold Museum: the Glacisbeisl
    Belvedere: the Restaurant Sperl on Karolinengasse

    And just one more thing:
    1. Forget Naschmarkt. Not worth to spend even five minutes on this giant tourist trap.
    2. Be aware that smoking is still allowed in many places.

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      Thank you - I very much appreciate all your suggestions.