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In and Around Waikoloa with a 9-month old

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Hounds - my wife and I are making our first return to the big island since our honeymoon in the fall of 2009. That was an epic trip and we enjoyed all the best eats. This time however, we've got a 9-month in tow! We're so excited to show him the water and hawaii life. Worried about the flight but we'll get through it (somehow).

Anyway, I am pretty familiar with the more upscale restaurants, but need some help with a few more casual places where we can take the little one early, eat well, and be able to bail out quickly if he decides to melt down.

We're staying at Waikoloa Beach and I know Sensei Sushi is close by and would be family friendly...any other suggestions? We love going to Roy's and may head there super early one day as well. Hoping there are more interesting things than say, Paradise Pizza or Noodle House.

Thank you so much for your help!

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  1. PS - we'll have a car and driving shouldn't be too much of an issue (although we'd like to keep it to a minimum).