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Oct 24, 2013 12:41 PM

Charlottesville-- what's my second choice?

My first choice for a great flavored, not-too-formal celebration dinner was GlassHaus. But now it has closed on me, I'm wondering what to choose. Are both the C & O and the Clifton Inn very formal? What about the Local? I couldn't find a menu on their website. Any other suggestions? She's not too keen on French or Chinese (otherwise I'd choose Changs) Preferably in C'ville, where we are staying, but could be witin 20 minutes drive.

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  1. The Local is quite casual and while the food is good they're not aiming at the same place the other two you mentioned are. Neither the C&O nor Clifton are super formal. Certainly wouldn't need a jacket and tie or anything. That said, C&O is pretty French.

    You might check out Brookville or Hamilton's as well.

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      Thanks, ccbweb
      I presented these two, with the hope for Hamiltons, but she is into healthy (other than this, few faults) and would like a menu with more fish (not shellfish) choices. Any ideas on this? running out of time, as it is for Wednesday

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        Oh, sorry! I didn't see this until too late. Where'd you end up going?

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          The only place I found with more than one fish choice was Blue Moon Grill, which also had massive TV's; so we kept the reservation at Hamilton's. A pretty place with some good flavors, but they seemed to overreach. Poached oysters in a flavorful cream sauce withcaramelised shallots and rosemary also had deeply smoked bacon, which obscured the oysters. Pumpkin gnocchi were delicious, but again had too many additions. The lamb pappadelle with mushroom ragout was rich and good.

          The night before we went to Bouzo (did I spell that right?) also on the mall. Strange mixture: it looked like a 60's student hangout but had dishes like duck cassoulet on the menu. I had the aforementioned cassoulet which, while more of a stew, was surprisingly good. My partner had shrimp and grits-- the shrimp could have bounced off the floor, and we sent them back. Her dessert, lemon curd crepe, was over sweet, mild and not made with lemon curd.