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Oct 24, 2013 11:45 AM

Hummus Garden

Just returned from a lovely lunch at the brand new Hummus Garden. Opened for just a week, the kitchen is turning out great Israeli cuisine.
It's so terrific to have this place on Fort Hamilton Parkway in Kensington. We don't have a lot of options in the area. My husband had a 5-salad platter. Each of the salads was very fresh and nicely seasoned. I had a great sandwich--fried eggplant, sliced hard-boiled eggs, tahini, pickles and chopped cucumbers and tomatoes in a pita. Delicious. As was the large pot of mint tea. Attentive service too. We'll be back--often!

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  1. This is nice to know. Thanks.

    It is seldom to find such in some areas of Brooklyn. I am assuming that Houmous Kitchen in Manhattan is Israeli, for they have Gold Star.

    One of the best falafel balls I have ever had, yet to migrate to a Borough.

    How are Hummus Garden's houmous and falafels?

    Are the teas leaf teas, as opposed to tea bags? This is important, as I for one catalogue such leaf tea venues for options when desiring an outing for tea and long sits.

    The owner as I read from internet sources is the prior owner of Falafel Fusion. Don't know about that, but, I may check out the Garden.

    Thank you.

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    1. re: jonkyo

      Hi Jonkyo,
      I didn't try the falafels but plenty of other people were ordering them. The Hummus was very good. I think they steeped the tea from tea leaves. It came with lots of fresh mint. Very nice.
      Do check it out.

      1. re: Claire

        Thanks. I shall when passing the area next time.

        I wonder, do they have Gold Star?


    2. closed on Saturday I guess??? imagine a sad face from me if so

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      1. re: jen kalb

        Not necessarily. Was that your experience?

        1. re: Claire

          I figured that if it were operating by and cateriing to the orthodox community which is concentrated in that area a Saturday closing would be likely, thats all.

          But I guess they ARE open Saturday, yay!

      2. I went here again and I'm sorry to say that while the food is good, the service and atmosphere leaves a lot to be desired.
        I've been here three times now, and each time the music has been awful and awfully loud. And the wait staff is really incompetent. I had a young guy today, who also seemed to be making sandwiches with the chef. He plunked down the salad and tea and walked away. Then he and another guy who hangs around there walked outside and I never saw him again. I had to go to the counter to ask for more hot water for the tea to the unfriendly guy in the kitchen and then go back to the counter for the check. How many diners were in the room? One: me. It was the first and only time I didn't leave a tip. I won't be returning.

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        1. re: Claire

          "the service and atmosphere leaves a lot to be desired."

          That is just it, they are inducing desires. If you believe that desires should be not induced, go to a desirous place that satiates your atmospheric needs, and service.

          I have yet to go. I still will. Thanks for update.

          1. re: jonkyo

            I believe that desires should be induced--and met. That's what a restaurant is supposed to do: entice you to enter, serve good food, and make you comfortable while you're there. That would "satiate my atmospheric needs" as well as all the others.