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Oct 24, 2013 11:34 AM

Beef, potato and onion hash? Anybody have some suggestions?

I recently smoked some round steak and it was way overdone. I'm REAL averse to throwing out food so was thinking a hash like Mother used to make. Beef, potatoes and onions. I once ground overcooked meat and really didn't like the texture so I'm thinking small cubes. Beyond that I don't have any solid ideas. Boil the potatoes, saute' the onions. What else? I'd appreciate any guidance. TIA.

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  1. It sounds great! When I make hash, I dice the potatoes and boil them for a few minutes, sauté the onions, and add it all together.

    Also...bacon fat. And some beef stock, if you have it lying around.

    When it's corned beef, there are usually leftover parsnips and carrots and rutabagas to add as well.

    Maybe add some diced chiles, if you have any.

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    1. re: kcshigekawa

      Definitely will add some chiles. Whaddya think? Jalapenos or chipotles in adobo? I always lean for the latter. Hope I'm not out.

      1. re: c oliver

        I'd use what ever I had in the house! I've always got chipotles in adobo in the freezer (after I open the can, I freeze whatever I don't use right away), but fresh jalapenos would bee good too.

    2. Make sure you don't stir the hash around. Once you combine all the cooked ingredients in the pan, just let it sit there over medium-low heat to build up a crunchy crust. Put a plate over the skillet so you can flip in all in one piece, then slide it back in to crisp the other side.

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      1. what about making a soup with the steak or adding it into a soup...

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        1. re: Heartandseoul

          Thanks but a hash is what's appealing today :)

        2. Finely diced meat is the way to go. When precooking potatoes, be sure to undercook them a bit, because they will cook more when you put it all together.

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            Yep, I've already diced the meat and chopped the onions. Liking the bacon fat idea. I have some rendered pork fat that I've been saving.

          2. Here's how we do it in our house: beef in small pieces, baked potatoes with skins on in chunks, onions, garlic, butter/olive oil, salt & pepper, everything fried up in the skillet and served with a big green salad.

            This is making me very hungry, but then again, just about everything makes me very hungry!