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Anyone ever show up at a BYOB with decanted wine?

Just curious. I've got a great bottle that I would prefer to be ready for dinner...

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  1. Yes, in a Klean Kanteen. It's no problem.

    1. Many times. I decant at home and use a funnel to put it back in the bottle, then replace the cork.

      1. Awesome. I'm going to do it tonight. 2004 Nalle Reserve Zin...

        1. Not to be a downer, but what are the laws on this if you're driving to the restaurant? wouldn't that count as an open container?

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            What I have heard is that it is required to be in an area of the car that is not accessible while driving. So backseat and glove compartment are out. In a locked trunk, is ok. You can also reseal a bottle of wine you did not finish at a BYO and bring it home, but only if you carry it in the vehicle in the above manner.

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              oh yeah. i guess returning w/ the unfinished parts is the exact same issue, legally.

          2. All the time. Put it in the trunk.

            1. I have decanted at home, funneled it back into the bottle, sealed it with the Vacu Vin, put it in my wine bag and put the bag in the trunk. Have never had an issue at any restaurant and don't run the risk of having the open container in the car if I should be stopped for any reason. Simple!!

              1. Had no issues, just put it back in the bottle and took it to the restaurant. Went to Catherines in Unionville, was decent but could have been so much better with some seasoning and maybe some comfy chairs!

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                  ...probably with better lighting, too.

                2. Decanted, no but have gotten some funny looks bringing home made wine sans label to one or two places

                  1. Does filling up a Nalgene bottle with boxed wine count as decanting? If so, yes.

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