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Oct 24, 2013 09:10 AM


I know there's the best cookie thread, but I haven't seen one just for brownies. And, a lot of people are passionate about brownies (or, is it just me?). I really love the salted caramel brownie at Green Beanery on Bloor in Toronto. Other suggestions?

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  1. The salted caramel brownie at Sweet Olenka's on Lakeshore in south Etobicoke, hands down. I find myself daydreaming about it ...

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    1. re: rosieintoronto

      The quadruple chocolate brownie at Sweet Olenka's wins by a mile!

      1. re: Food Tourist

        I'll definitely have to make a trip!

    2. Odile chocolate single origin brownies, with an often meringue-like crust. Delicious.

      1. Mabel's bakery on roncessvalles or queen/Gladstone ...even more amazing if you microwave it for 8-10seconds. It completely changes the texture and melts in your mouth

        1. Cliffside Hearth in the plaza at Kingston Road and McCowan has killer double chocolate brownies - a very fudgey base with chocolate chips and an intense chocolate icing.

          1. The "Ultimate Brownie", from Pusateri's. Killer.

            Also, for a twist on a brownie, the White Chocolate Brownie at Moxie's (don't laugh) is stupid delicious.

            And oh yes, the brownie cookie from Harbord Bakery. Jeez Louise is it ever good.

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              1. re: magic

                Just had the Pusateri's "Ultimate Brownie." It's OK, meh.