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Oct 24, 2013 08:34 AM

Purple Pig menu suggestions/assistance

Need some help picking out a small number of "must haves" from the Pig menu. I counted over 70 items plus cheeses and desserts and am overwhelmed.

We only want to try a couple of things each at most since we'll be eating big meals the night prior (Topolo) and that same night (L2O tasting menu).

So, any suggestions? One diner is gluten-free.

Probably skip the seafood options since we just got back from Spain (great seafood at every stop) and are going to L2O later the same day.

Thanks for your help.

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  1. My favorites, the ones I order over and over again and miss when off the menu are mainly the vegetable dishes. One of my absolute favorites is the fried Brussels sprout leaves with chile thyme and lemon it is seasonal but on the menu now. The roasted broccoli with garlic and anchovy is addictive but your gluten free companion may want to ask them to hold the bread crumbs. The burrata varies with the season but it's current incarnation with apples, kohlrabi mustard greens and speck with a beer agro dolce dressing is probably my favorite incarnation. Several of the shmears, basically spreads for their excellent grilled bread, are excellent for all but the gluten free. I love the foie gras with membrillo and frequently have it as a savory dessert.

    You said no seafood but I will mention two of my favorites the mussels with pancetta and creme fraiche and the little neck clams with house made merquez in a tomato vermouth broth. You might want to make an exception for these two. Enjoy!

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      Agree that all the vegetable dishes are excellent. The turkey leg confit is my go to meat dish - crave worthy

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        No 'must have' pork dishes? Anyone?

        Starting to think maybe we'll skip this and do 2 courses at Sixteen instead ...

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          I'll second Kathryn's suggestion of the pork fried almonds but they are really just a snack. I'm not a fan of the blood sausage but the house made merquez is made with pork (I asked because it tasted porky and in my experience it is usually made with meats other than pork. My SO loves the milk braised pork with mashed potatoes but it is a little too one note and sometimes overly salted for me. If you have a few people the sweetbreads are a treat but they are very rich and I can't eat more than two or three. I am also a fan of the razor clams as Kathryn mentioned but I haven't tried the pork secreto or their popular pork blade with nudja and honey but both are very popular.

          I can't imagine doing Sixteen in the same day as L2O but that's just me. I had dinner at Sixteen two days before they started the fall menu so I can't comment on the current fare but I wasn't wowed by all of the food on the tasting menu (other than the impeccable presentation and plating). The two restaurants are apples and oranges and the price for food at Sixteen is pretty staggering for what you get.

      2. Pork Fried Almonds with Rosemary & Garlic. Brussels sprouts are usually good, as is anything with blood sausage/morcilla. I'd get the "JLT" Pork Jowl, Tomato, Frisee & Fried Duck Egg and eat around the bread, perhaps? Also love the Razor Clams with Oregano, Lemon & Olive Oil (even if you were just in Spain, they're quite good), or Pork Secreto with Roasted Red Pepper, Leeks & Pickled Watermelon Rind.

        1. Just tried lunch at The Purple Pig, and if you're still open to suggestions, the pork neck smear is awesome, as is the pig's tail. The pork tripe dish? Not so much.